UPDATE : Anna from “One Woman’s Story”

IMG_3398A couple weeks ago, we shared Anna’s story with you – a woman who fell into prostitution in the streets of Ethiopia in desperation to support herself and her daughter. Through the worked done by Women at Risk and supported by members of the Mocha Club, Anna was rescued off the streets & started participating in the program. She received counseling, child care for her daughter, and a safe place to be.

Today, we received an update from the staff at Ellilta -Women at Risk about Anna and her progress through the program.

Anna is currently in the structural counseling program, but she also started working some job skills washing clothes and cleaning a barber shop in order to support her income. She started living with her sister to share expenses for the house and meals and things were going very well. Then one day, she found a written letter from her sister saying “Am gone search me no more”. She also received a call from her mom who was sick and needed looking after. These challenges postponed Anna from attending the rehabilitation program and was absent for two days without informing to the social workers and they decided togo to her house to know the reason why she was absent. Anna was completely surprised but also excited when she saw the social workers – in the midst of feeling worthless & like no one care for her, the visit by E-WAR staff encouraged her and she realized she DID have someone who cared for her.

After hearing Anna’s story, the staff decided to contribute some money to help pay for her rent so she could support her mother. Currently Anna has returned to the program at Women at Risk and is using her job skills training to prepare fast food meals to sell.

“The challenges I faced makes me to come up with solutions so am no more afraid of any challenges.”

Support women like Anna

*Out of respect & safety of our partners, names have been changed.


Welcome, our new summer Mochatern : Meet Katherine!

It’s summertime! And we are excited for what this season holds for the Mocha Club. We have lots of events lined up to share our passion to work in Africa and partner with incredible people across the world to make lives better for those in need. Our mochaterns are a big part of making an impact in Africa, by simply joining our hearts in the work we do. We are excited to have Katherine join our team!

FullSizeRenderName: Katherine Daniels

Hometown: Brentwood, TN

University/Year/Major: Middle Tennessee State University. Senior. Leisure Sports and Tourism Studies major with a focus on event planning.

Favorite Place: New York City

Walk up song: What Do You Mean by Justin Bieber

Nashville bucket list: take the country music stars homes tour, visit every museum in Nashville, and go to CMA Fest.

How do you take your mocha: it has to be medium roast coffee with hazelnut creamer. SO yummy!

Guilty pleasure: binge watching Friday Night Lights

Why are you excited about interning with Mocha Club: I am excited to intern with Mocha Club because it is a new experience for me, I know that I am going to gain more knowledge of the Mocha Club as well as helping with the events, and getting to meet new people!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 2.47.59 PM

Mocha Club Journey 2016 : Meet the team!

T minus one month and we will be heading out on the Mocha Club Journey 2016!

This summer we are headed to Ethiopia and Kenya!  We will spend time with our partners at Women at Risk in both the capital city of Addis Ababa, and in Nazareth, a town a few hours outside of the city. We will also visit New Dawn Educational Centre and Heritage Kenya Organization (HEKO) in Nairobi, Kenya. Our trips provide an opportunity for Mocha Club members and their friends to visit Africa and witness firsthand what giving up a few mochas a month can do, while having a chance to serve the African people. The trip will be 12 days long and we team up with the local indigenous leaders in each country to serve alongside them in the orphanages, schools, and other various projects that Mocha Club supports.

We have assembled & would like to introduce you to our team…

Trip Leaders:


Curtis Stoneberger has been a long-time friend of Mocha Club and currently stands as the Director of US Programs. His first trip to Africa was a visit to the Democratic Republic of the Congo with MC Artist, Sidewalk Prophets. He enjoys rides on his motorcycle, family time at his cabin, and music.




Fallon Klug officially joined the Mocha Club team in Nashville in early 2013, but has   been a long-time member and supporter.  As the MC Manager of Administration, she’ll make sure your trip to Africa is just one of the many ways you stay connected to the club! Fallon loves dancing, her puppy Henry, and leftovers.



IMG_2833Meet Allie.

I am a Mocha Club member and a graduate student currently living in Lansing, Michigan. I love hearing people’s stories and having a heart for children led me to pursue a degree in school psychology. I love to spend as much time outside as I can (even if that’s only April-October in Michigan!). I find joy in: coffee, music, books, dancing (poorly), and helping others feel seen, heard, or appreciated.



Meet Lizzie.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I grew up in a small town in the Pacific Northwest, but I guess I finally got tired of the rain so I packed up my car and moved to the south! From 9 to 5, I work as a personal banker for consumers and small businesses. The rest of my time is filled with friends, Mexican food, sailing, Netflix, runs in the park, and politely asking strangers if I can pet their dog. I’ve been a Mocha Club member since 2010 so I’m incredibly excited to be joining them on this trip and so grateful for the opportunity to visit all the places and meet all the people behind the amazing projects they support.



Meet Brittany.

I am the Executive Director/Founder of a Nonprofit called Beneath The Skin. We provide Peer to Peer mentoring and resources to youth and young adults who struggle with anxiety, depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, etc. in order to support, equip, and guide them on a path of self-love and worthiness. I have an incredibly supportive Husband who travels as a touring musician full time, he had the opportunity to meet Katie with the Mocha Club which in turn, allowed us to get more involved. I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to go on this adventure and learn from the incredible people of Kenya and Ethiopia, as well as the group I will be traveling with! The Mocha Club is truly changing lives and to play even a small role through supporting their mission and giving back is the least I could do! 



Meet Robby.

I was raised in south Louisiana, surrounded by the arts! Drawing, painting and music were all big parts of my life. When I was about 13yrs old, photography stepped into the picture (do pun intended..)!

I fell in love with taking photographs at the same time I fell in love with a cute blonde in my grade that some years down the road for some crazy reason said yes to marrying me!

We moved to Nashville during our first year of marriage to continue the pursuit of wold domination via. entertainment photography and once we arrived in music city, we really hit our stride! 

4yrs later, we live in East Nashville with our 2 kids Charlie Brown (Chocolate Lab) and Dwayne Michael “Carter” III (Golden Retriever). I’m working mainly in the entertainment, celebrity and editorial worlds of photography, traveling often and enjoying every minute I get here in Music City!

Website : robbyklein.com



 Meet Steve.

Booking live concerts and personal appearances, managing day-to-day business affairs, and assisting artists and other talented entertainers with long-term strategies for their careers is what I’ve called work for the past 23 years.  I spent almost 19 of those years working for a nationally recognized booking agency and artist management group.  However, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that long and it’s hardly felt like work… at least most of the time.  Yes, the business side of the industry can try anyone’s patience, but I cannot express how grateful I am to have had this privilege of working with some of the most creative and artistic people in the world.  I think seeing, hearing, and experiencing things that reflect God’s image to the world around us, whether the artist acknowledges it or not, is truly something special.

Originally from Los Angeles, I lived there until 2008 when my family and I moved to Dallas.  After spending eight valuable years in Texas, we moved to Nashville in October of 2015.  Although I continue to travel throughout the year to oversee Stonewood Entertainment’s concerts and special events, my greatest joy is spending time with my wife Jen, our five children (Piper, Elijah, Ryleigh, Micah, and Josiah) and our new community of friends and neighbors.  And when I’m not at home, I enjoy playing basketball, camping, reading, listening to music, trying new desserts, and riding motocross.  Tell me about an adventure and an opportunity to see God at work… and you’ve got my attention!

2W2B8700 (1)
FROM THE FIELD, Women at Risk

One Woman’s Story

One of the best ways in which we can communicate our gratitude to you, our members, is by sharing with you positive stories and changes that have come out of the Mocha Club project’s in Africa.

  Anna*, a woman from Arsi Robe in the Oromiya region in Africa, is currently enrolled in the Ellilta Women at Risk program in Adama. Up until just a little while ago, Anna struggled with a very difficult life. She suffered a very unstable upbringing, living under multiple different caretakers, and ultimately setting out on her own when she was not much older than 11.  Anna met a man in one of the first jobs she took after she began living on her own, whom she married, and she began living with him and his child. Anna became pregnant with her own child, and she and her husband sought medical care in in Addis Ababa. Unfortunately, during her prenatal check-ups, it was discovered that Anna was HIV positive, and that she had contracted the disease from her husband. Anna was of course very angry with her husband for not informing her that he had HIV, but she continued to live with him, because she had no other options.

  After Anna gave birth to her child, she left her in the care of her aunt, and went back to Adama to find work as a day laborer. Anna found and worked day jobs such as washing clothes and cooking for people, but she ultimately fell under the influence of some women who told her that becoming a prostitute would help her to make more money. Anna unfortunately fell into prostitution for nearly ten years, until finally she was approached by one of the counselors from the Ellillta Women at Risk program. Anna became one of 22 women who were selected to join the rehabilitation clinic. Today, Anna is still enrolled in the rehabilitation clinic at Ellilta Women At Risk, and is partaking in a structured counseling program. She said, “One of the reasons I decided to join E-WAR was that I had the fear that if I don’t stop prostitution, my daughter who is 14 years-old may follow in my steps and start prostitution.” It is hard not to admire Anna’s true courage and strength.

  It is because of the help from our members that stories like Anna’s exist. It is through your participation in the Mocha Club that we are able to give women the assistance and the bravery they need to accept help and change the course of their lives. Our hope is that through our collaborations with you, we will continue to see more positive changes like this one.

Support women like Anna!

*Out of respect & safety of our partners, names have been changed.


Need a gift for Mom?

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.38.18 PM

Your Mother’s Day gift could not only show your mom how much you care but could also help rescue women from the streets of Ethiopia and providing them with counseling, skills training, and job opportunities. Give your mom a Mocha Club membership in her honor! It’s easy! 

– When you sign up, use the your mom’s name + email in the sign up form and YOUR information for the rest of the fields including billing. You will be billed monthly for the contribution & your mom will receive updates of the work being done in her honor!   

– Lastly, email info@themochaclub.org to notify us of the gift + your mom’s mailing address so we can send her a package with a welcome packet and a beautiful scarf made by the women in Ethiopia! 

**Gifted memberships must be submitted TODAY(5/3) for guaranteed delivery by Mother’s Day!


Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 2.40.03 PM


Mochatern Monday 05.02.16: “Thankful!”

Hey, Mocha Club friends!

Happy Monday! This is sadly my last Mochatern Monday post for you, as my spring here at Mocha Club has come to a close. I am so sad to leave the people and love that I have found here this semester, but I am so grateful for the experience that I have had, and the lessons that I have learned. For my last post, I wanted to make a list of all of the things here at Mocha Club that I am thankful for. And, of course, to thank you, the readers of our blog here, for helping us serve Africa, and keeping up with what we have going on! Here it goes…

  1. I am thankful for the people here, the Mocha Club team. Each one of them has worked each day to make me feel like a welcomed, valued member of the team, and I am so very happy that I got the opportunity to meet each one of them. They are a special group of people with big hearts!
  2. I am thankful for these Mochatern Monday posts! I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to share my thoughts through my writing, and to be able to communicate with all of you out there who follow us, and read what we have to say.
  3. I am thankful for weekly staff meetings and morning prayer. I have loved the times when the whole team gets to come together and share what is going on, and the opportunity to pray for one another.
  4. I am thankful for endless coffee and Diet Coke! Every morning when I woke up, I couldn’t wait to get to Mocha Club, because where I get to make my coffee (with French Vanilla creamer!).
  5. I am thankful for our friends and servant hearts in Africa, who help us just as much as we help them! I am thankful to have gotten to know Africa a little bit better, and for the lessons I have been taught even from so far away.
  6. I am thankful for our merchandise and the people who order it! I loved getting to write little notes to all of you on your order summaries, and spread the Mocha Club cheer!
  7. I am thankful for my desk in the front room of the office, for the people I got to talk to on the phone, and those I was able to greet and offer a cup of coffee too. I am thankful for the opportunities I have had to come in contact with people that I may not have ever met.
  8. I am thankful for the opportunity to organize and take pictures for our social media accounts, and to come up with captions as well!
  9. I am thankful to have gotten to know our Mocha Club artists better through weekly artist updates and special events. I am grateful to know some of the biggest supporters of Mocha Club.
  10. I am thankful for this opportunity to intern at this super cool environment. I am thankful for lessons learned and new friends made!

Thank you all for reading along with me this semester! Mocha Club is a special place, and I am thrilled that I was able to be a part of it for a little bit!

Much love,


Share the Good News!


I think we all realize that, for the most part, when it comes to news stories about Africa, they are all pretty negative, and do not display Africa as a play that seems like it could in anyway be improved. However, in the shadow of the more prominent, often depressing news stories about Africa are events, people, and knowledge that can be shared as good news for Africa!


We wanted to take a moment to point you in the direction of this great article by Ian Bremmer for 2W2B9043Time magazine entitled “These 5 Facts Explain the Good News About Africa.” In his article, Bremmer shares five facts that shed a lot of positive light on Africa for the reader. He includes facts like demographics (the fact that Africans will make up half the world’s population by 2050), and the increasingly, strong civil society growing in Africa, along with the introduction and moderate, yet growing, use of technology in everyday lives. Furthermore, Bremmer notes that events like issues with politics and civil wars, that are usually huge problems for African countries are dwindling. This proves that Africa is moving out of its negative state and into a more positive era! We think that the article is worth your while to read, and will lift your spirits about the state of Africa.

While they still need a great deal of our help, it is important to communicate that their situation is not hopeless. It is just different from hours, and we want to do all that we can to make it better!

Source: http://time.com/4246821/these-5-facts-explain-the-good-news-about-africa/

HIV/AIDS + Healthcare

Saving lives…from the young to the old

UntitledToday is World Malaria Day!

First let us say a big THANK YOU for being part of sustainable health solutions that not only combat the threat of malaria but provide basis health care for communities in Kenya.  New Dawn Clinic is a neighboring health care facility on the campus of New Dawn Academy that not only serves the students in school but also the people in the surrounding community of the Huruma slum. You are impacting thousands of lives from babies to the elderly…here are just three of those stories:

The Young

A one year old baby visited the child welfare clinic and was severely underweight to the point of malnutrition. She has been a special client for the staff at New Dawn clinic – despite both low social and economic status of the mother, they have been supporting her nutritionally, psychologically, and spiritually.

So far the progress is quite good.

She is gaining weight and this is a good indicator of progress. The mother appreciates their daily care home visits and prayers we share together which has lifted her spirit.

The Adult

A patient visited New Dawn Clinic with a history of cough for more than two weeks, weight loss, and diarrhea. He was counseled and tested for HIV & was found positive. He also received positive results for Tuberculosis & was immediately provided with ARVs and Anti-Tb’s to fight both diseases. The clinic staff did a follow up at his home and advised on good and proper ventilation so as to reduce the transmission of the Tuberculosis. They continued with counseling two times a week and a home visit nightly.

Currently, his progress is good. They are continuing with both psychological and spiritual counseling and home visits.

The Elderly

We visited this client at his home at the nearby slum Huruma after complaints urine retention, tremors, and weakness of both upper and lower limbs.

Daily home care was started immediately. One week later he was transferred to the home of the elderly where he was being monitored.

Since the clinic started attending the patient, much improvement has been reported. In October the patient was discharged from the home for the elderly back to his home at Huruma slum. Since the discharge date, the clinic has been visiting him weekly for supportive and preventive care.

This client comes to the clinic weekly checkups and the family is so happy and has appreciated the prayers and support we offer them each day.


Mochatern Monday 04.11.16: World Health Day

Greetings, Mocha Club!

It’s Monday again. My Mondays are always set to the tune of the very popular song by the The Bangles (It’s just another manic Monday…). I don’t actually dread Mondays as much as I used too. Every Monday is like a miniature fresh start, or a reminder that whatever we feel like we didn’t do well or couldn’t accomplish the week before is in the past. We get to start anew each week! On another positive note, I think that spring has finally sprung. The world seems a little greener lately. And despite a slightwind chill, the sun is back in business to supply warmth yet again.2W2B0363

Last Thursday was. World Health Day is a global health awareness day falls on April 7th each year. World Health Day was started by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948, and the decision to make April 7th the official date came two years later in 1950. The importance of World Health Day is that it is an annual opportunity to bring people’s attention to the state of health worldwide. Each year, WHO organizes events for World Health Day based on a specific “health theme.” The organization sheds light on the statistics of certain health issues that affect the us on all on a global level, and offer ways in which we can work together to prevent certain diseases and ailments from taking over our lives. The theme for 2016 was Beat Diabetes.

As many of you know, one of our five project areas here at Mocha Club is healthcare. It is of major concern that many of the countries in Africa do not have proper healthcare systems, or any healthcare system at all. Therefore, when people of all ages are faced with sickness and disease, they often have nowhere to turn. Therefore, another important aspect of the awareness brought about by World Health Day is that it brings attention not only to the theme for the year, but also the need to provide decent, accessible healthcare to all people, no matter where they live. While we have much and varied access to healthcare and modern medicine here in America, it is important to recognize that we are very lucky, and that we should be working to see that what is provided for us, can be provided for all people.


Fortunately, Mocha Club is able to work to provide healthcare for people in Africa because of you, our members! For instance, the development of the New Dawn Clinic in the Huruma and Githogoro slums near Kenya and HEKO in Nairobi’s Kibera slum were made possible with your help, prayers, and kindness. Through these clinics, people are able to seek treatment for HIV/AIDS, be provided with vaccinations, and have general ailments fixed, such as bandaging wounds. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for helping us reach beyond our borders and help to provide healthcare and assistance to those suffering from sickness and disease. We cannot do these things without you!

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I will see you next Monday!

Thank you for giving!