Mocha Club staff + Calvary Youth Hostel Boys


Mocha Club Coordinator, Christine Bailey, and African Leadership Project Director, Barrett Ward, with several of the boys at Calvary Youth Hostel in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya, which is supported by Mocha Club funds. We, along with 7 other friends of our ministry, were able to visit the boys at the end of October to hear about their progress in the faith and with their new business ventures. Keep reading for an update from Jackson Atsango, Director of Calvary Youth Hostel._

Am excited to let you know what is happening now with the boys.

Benard, Felix, and Alfred have done their first national exam paper. They are competing with over 300,000 candidates countrywide. Please pray for them. Thanks for your support to see to it that today and the next 3 weeks to come is successful.

Secondly, several of the boys who have started a business selling bananas in Kibera have just been approved to register with a self-help group which will help them write more proposals to expand in their project. Thanks to African Leadership for the financial provision to start their business. This month they made a profit of kshs. 8,000 (Kenyan shillings).

As a result of the intense discipleship here at Calvary, Moses and George have started an evangelism team called “Sovereign Hope Ministry” with the goal of reaching fellow youth in the slums. [Here is a view of the Kibera slums…]


As far as recreational activity, Emerson Jedi and a friend have started a soccer team of 30 players of under twelve and fourteen years of age. Peter, Joseph and Benard play for different teams in the slum which is realy helping to mingle with the community.

We have just started a new course of descipleship with 6 boys from the home and 6 from Calvary High School which will be done by January.

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