Living Hope Community Centre October Update

_The following is an update from Living Hope Community Centre near Cape Town, South Africa, which is supported by Mocha Club funds. _

*Life Abounds at Living Hope*

The gates to the Living Hope Community Centre are overwhelmingly a pathway to new life for the hundreds of people who come for help. According to figures just released, last year, more than 80% of hospice patients in the 22 bed facility were nursed back to a measure of health. With a current staff of 136, Living Hope can serve many more needy people. A recently released annual report describes this ministry growth. From April 2005 to March 2006, home-based caregivers and social workers visited 11,243 sick people in four communities. Of these, 2942 were treated in five wound dressing clinics in Ocean View, Red Hill, Masiphumele, Capricorn and Muizenberg/Westlake. The clinics provide one of the key opportunities Living Hope has to serve areas with high populations of HIV infected people.

*South Africa’s Children Dying from AIDS*

More children are dying from HIV/AIDS, and this is especially true in Cape Town’s poorest neighbourhoods according to a new study in the South Africa Medical Journal.

Undertaken by the Red Cross and the Children’s Institute of the University of Cape Town, the data shows that, “causing at least one in three deaths, HIV/AIDS stands out as by far the most common cause of death.”

This is true, not only for children, but for every category of people. Therefore prevention is a huge part of Living Hope’s focus. Prevention is done mainly through a Life Skills program, Children’s and Holiday Clubs and work in Kalk Bay, Simon’s Town and Muizenberg’s public schools. Abstinence and faithfulness are emphasized for the youth and adults. In the Children’s Clubs, kids in high risk families are provided a safe place in which to play, eat nourishing food and see positive role models for their lives. Every aspect of the prevention work includes HIV and AIDS lessons and words from the Bible to give hope and guidance to those who desire it.


The most powerful force in the world is prayer, and the Bible encourages us to be faithful in prayer for God’s work. We ask you to pray for us regularly and use this letter as a guide to pray for the people and work highlighted.


We thank God for all who faithfully give to Living Hope monthly or annually and for those who volunteer their time and ministry to us. We need your continued support for this ministry so that more people with HIV and AIDS can be helped and even more guided away from this pandemic.

Click here to view the Living Hope website.

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