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Teacher Salaries Provided in Kenya

We wanted to announce a new project, New Dawn Education Center in Nairobi, Kenya, which Mocha Club is now supporting to help 9-12 year olds be a part of the HIV/AIDS-free generation. Thanks to you, we are providing $1000 per month for teacher salaries for August through December 2007.

New Dawn views the ages of 9 to 12 as the “window of hope” when young people are most open to educational intervention and learning basic facts and attitudes about HIV/AIDS, Biblical sexuality, love and friendship. New Dawn’s strategy is behavior formation and active and deliberate parent involvement of each participating child.

Most parents/guardians living in the low income and slum areas in Nairobi work in adjacent neighborhoods as night guards and maids/housekeepers. They often have trouble supporting their children in government or private secondary school. On the other hand, those who are orphans live with their extended family members who often feel burdened to support them in both education and general care.

Several visits done by New Dawn revealed that many young people wish to go back to school and others desire vocational education! Lack of opportunities to realize their dreams leads to hopelessness…which makes these youth high risk for exposure to HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, and drug abuse.

Girls at New Dawn Education Centre

It is in response to this problem that New Dawn designed a program that provides an opportunity for secondary school education to children like these.
New Dawn seeks to:

  • Provide secondary school educational support to form one students
  • Provide moral guidance and disseminate information on HIV/AIDS to the students and Huruma/Githogoro communities at large
  • Equip the students with various life skills as part of the school curriculum spread over the four years with the purpose of being able to generate income in the future

Soon, we hope to share some testimonies of the children at New Dawn. Stay tuned!

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