Clean water wells in Sudan

We wanted to share the great news that you have been a part of providing CLEAN WATER for refugees in the village of Jach in Sudan! With your help, Mocha Club and African Leadership helped fund the drilling of 20 new wells. Each well provides water for 500 people!


The local refugee and IDP returnee community comprised of Moslem and Christian, African, Arabic and other Semitic tribes has swelled to more than 76,000 people in the last 3 years! When you do the math, you can see there remains a great need for additional wells to be established. Also, due to the great scarcity of water in this area, the wells have been overtaxed. Instead of being used by 500 people, each one has been serving several thousand people and thousands of animals. Our team in Sudan has watched people and animals perish from hunger, disease, and thirst all resulting from lack of potable water.

THANK YOU for doing YOUR part so we can continue to provide more clean water to these Sudanese people who so desperately need it.

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