Encouraging update on Mary Abuk!

In December, we shared about Mary Abuk, one of the orphan girls we serve at New Life Orphanage in Nyamlel, Sudan. Abuk was having unexplained seizures from a traumatic experience.
Today, we have an encouraging update for you on how she is doing!

Mary Abuk - doing much better!

Update from our partners in Sudan…

If you will remember last November, shortly after we moved the girls into their new home, the girls’ dormitory, several of them began having mysterious seizures. We went through vigorous research, doctors’ questions and examinations, close scrutiny of our building supplies and wood treatments, but we could find no cause for this mysterious outbreak.

After a few days, Abuk, the first girl to have seizures, finally began to talk about what had happened. She was out early one morning gathering fire wood, and what she called a gorilla jumped out roaring at her. Of course, whatever it was, it scared her nearly to death. She ran back to the dormitory where Mama Agnus tried to console her, but Abuk was traumatized.

Not knowing what had happened, several of the other girls panicked. They were being introduced to so many new things all at once. Most all of our children have witnessed the brutal murder of their parents, and many of them were also raped. After years of living alone, fending for themselves in the desert, there was some level of fear about moving into the safe home that they had dreamed of for so long. Abuk’s seizures set off a panic attack among the girls, and several of them manifested the same symptoms.

Once we knew what we were dealing with, our staff was able to provide loving care and stabilize the situation fairly quickly. All seizures stopped except Abuk’s. At that time, there was no fighting on the route between Nyamlel and Khartoum so we drove Abuk the several hundred miles to Khartoum for medical care. Abuk improved, but then the fighting began again before we could get her back to Nyamlel. The roads were too dangerous to make the return trip, and Abuk was stranded in Khartoum with the aunt we had sent to watch over her.

Thankfully, once again the fighting lulled. We brought Abuk home swiftly. She is not only safe, but as she told James, “I am the luckiest girl alive. People all over the world prayed for me and now I am leading the worship parades back in my school!”

A child saved from fear and given hope..that is GREAT NEWS!

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