Update on Agness & Samuel in Gulu, Uganda



Remember the wedding of Agness and Samuel in Gulu, Uganda?  We’re happy to report that they are happily married, and Samuel loves Agness’ children that she brought from the “bush.”  Agness’ children attend the school at Village of Hope.  Agness and Samuel continue to happily serve on staff with our partners at ACTION International in Gulu, Uganda.

Agness Ajok has served since 2005 and joined the staff in 2007. She was a cook at Village of Hope. She has 1 biological child and 3 dependant children she has taken into her home. Agness is a Child Mother. She was abducted by LRA Rebels. She was rescued and returned home. Her time in “the bush” with her captors was of horror and torture and rape. Her brother was also abducted, but later he was killed. Her stepmother, whom she helps care for is suffering from HIV/AIDS.



Samuel Okello has served with ACTION Gulu since 2008.  He is on the Maintenance staff at ACTION’S orphanage called Homes of Love.  He has 2 dependant children he has taken into his home.  His nephew was abducted by LRA rebels in 2002 but escaped after 6 months in the bush. Several of his family members suffer from HIV/ AIDS.

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The state of things in Gulu
The love and care in giving hope can change even those who have gone through the roughest and vilest of circumstances, such as the Child Mothers who returned from the abductions and captivities of the LRA rebel group (“The Lord’s Resistance Army”).  The LRA had nothing to do with “the Lord”.  In fact the leader Joseph Kony was and still is engaged in evil acts that raid, kill, abduct, mutilate and destroy.  The mutilations and inhuman acts against children have affected millions of lives.  The war with the LRA has gone on for over 23 years, with the abduction of over 35,000 children, Kony’s main target.  His purpose was to make soldiers of the abductees and take over the Government.  There are over 55 IDP (“Internal Displaced Persons”) camps in the Gulu, Northern Uganda area.  In the last year plus, there were peace talks—but the leader would never sign, so he is still at large and doing horrific acts of crime and killings in the Southern Sudan and Congo.  The girls were taught to kill or be killed…to survive in the horror. Now they are learning, that there can be hope and a real life when Jesus Christ becomes real and His healing makes a new life of readjustments.

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