New Dawn Clinic

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New Dawn Clinic

We wanted to officially introduce you to the New Dawn Medical Clinic, “The Chandaria Mji Wa Huruma Dispensary,” that Mocha Club helps support in Nairobi, Kenya.  The clinic is in partnership with New Dawn High School that we also help fund.  New Dawn serves the Huruma and Githogoro slums of Nairobi, Kenya.


The people of Huruma village are largely descendants of farm hands who once worked the white-owned coffee farms that previously stood on this ground.  These same families are now essentially legal squatters on what is now government owned property.  Githogoro consists mainly of poor rural immigrants who came to Nairobi in search of a better future.  They settled in this government owned area, on which a highway bypass is now planned.  While the Kenyan government owns these properties and allows the poor people to live here, little has been done to provide basic human services such as a health center, a high school or roads.

Irene Tongoi, director of New Dawn, conducted a youth conference in these slums in 2004.  What she discovered was deep-seated hopelessness leading to high risk behaviors.  The root of this hopelessness is unemployment.  There were very few jobs in these communities, and the lack of basic education provided no hope of getting jobs elsewhere to provide a better life for these families.  Irene, a wife, mother, and former teacher, felt called to bring change and hope to this community.

Through New Dawn’s partnership with her church, African Leadership/Mocha Club, and others, Irene has worked to bring hope through annual medical camps, tailoring classes, tree seedling production, a youth sports ministry, and savings and loan initiatives.

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New Dawn Clinic, which opened in late 2007, is the only provider of basic medical care services in these slums.  In addition to a City Council clinical officer, a volunteer medical director, and a volunteer nurse, New Dawn provides staffing of a nurse, an assistant nurse, a clerical assistant and a cleaner.  New Dawn is able to meet most of the needs in the community for basic health care services.  This work is done in conjunction with the Kenya government, who also provides many medicines to operate this clinic.

We are thankful to be able to help provide funds to operate the clinic, including the salaries of the nurse, an assistant nurse, a clerical assistant and a cleaner as well as medical supplies.  Thank you for doing your part!

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New Dawn Clinic staff

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