A Stylish DJ & The Master of Cool

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DJ Zinhle has risen to the top in Johannesburg, South Africa, and has been one of the only females to reach that level of stardom as a DJ in Africa. Growing up in a rural area of Africa without running water or electricity, Zinhle was determined from a young age to make a difference for herself and others in the world. She began her career as a DJ in 2004 after graduating from the University of Johannesburg, and discovered that she had a true talent, one that she enjoyed and was moved by. Zinhle now mentors to other aspiring DJs, particularly young girls, who view her success as inspiring and one of a kind. On top of her success as a DJ, Zinhle has created her own brand of watches called “Era by DJ Zinhle.” Everytime a girl or woman orders a watch, she sends a note to them telling they to take advantage of the time that they have to follow their dreams and take charge of their lives. In response to her success and her powerful message, and what she plans to do next, DJ Zinhle responds, “We’ll see where the world takes me.”

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Atang Tshikare is an artist who specializes in adding his own unique touches to other people’s creations and talents. He defines himself as a “visual creative,” someone who transcends the boundaries of art, and tries to create things that are unique and thought-provoking.  For instance, he hand-painted his bike – taking something that has already been created,and giving it a slightly different edge. One of his favorite things to add uniqueness to are shoes. Check it out!


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