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“I know the best is yet to come this is just the beginning.”

Geni has attended the counseling program at Women at Risk and completed it after five months. Currently, she has moved on to the skills program & is using her talents & new-learned skills to move forward to economic freedom.


Geni chose to take training in tailoring at the center for three months and has shown very good performance in her work. She started sewing different cloths in different styles to sell. Her friends and other people around her in the project encouraged her by buying her products. Fortunately, everyone liked her products and Women at Risk decided to buy her a sewing machine so that she can start a small scale sewing business in order to generate income by her own!

Geni has started her small business in a rental house and is doing well! She has already started saving money. Moreover, Geni’s child moved on to grad one in school with good grades and she is very happy about it.

Geni said “I know the best is yet to come this is just the beginning”. She thanks Ellilta Women At Risk and YOU for renewing her hope.

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Introducing Economic Freedom.

Economic Freedom

Big news today, as our sister company fashionABLE expands their product line to include leather. The first leather partner works with 70 employees, and 40 of them are women that they’re providing excellent opportunity to, with a fair wage & fair working condition.

In light of fashionABLE’s expansion and our mission to continue to create sustainability and economic freedom for as many in Africa as we can, Mocha Club is expanding our Women at Risk project area as well…

MC Economic Freedom

When we spent the month of May earlier this year higlighting this project area, we shared how women have and will always be a core focus of our work, as they are the backbone of the African society. While these women may deal with a greater sense of oppression and lack of opportunity, they also possess greater compassion and perseverance to see their continent thrive, as we’ve seen evident with the growth of fashionABLE.

To allow opportunity for future partnerships and this mission to expand, we’re updating the project area title to “economic freedom”.  Our goal is to allow a wider variety of partners in the communities we work in across the continent, both men & women, that are focused on empowerment and creating economic freedom.

Is Mocha Club still supporting women? Good question. There are specific needs that women face that fall into each of our categories, and you will continue to see the impact we’re having on these ladies and their communities through each project area… from giving clean water to women and girls in Lizulu, Malwai to providing HIV counseling and nutrition to women at HEKO in Kenya.

And what about Women at Risk? Rest assured, our partnership with Women at Risk in Ethiopia is stronger than ever (the #blogABLE team is visiting them next week!) You will continue to see the same faces and stories in your updates, like Fekerete and Hanna and Mulu, in addition to the new men and women we’re offering empowerment to through sustainability and economic freedom.

 Extreme poverty requires holistic solutions, so we work in 5 project areas. Mocha Club is committed to locally developed projects where the community identifies the need and the response, with the end goal of real, sustainable solutions.