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Mocha Club + Nathan Angelo


*Brand new* Mocha Club artist, Nathan Angelo has announced his 2017 Fall Tour and we are excited to be joining him! We hope to see you at a show as we share about our friends in Africa & ask others to join us in fighting extreme poverty!


August 9 : Vienna, VA

August 10 : Pittsburgh, PA

August 12 : New York, NY

August 31 : Isle of Palms, SC

September 1 : Atlanta, GA

September 2: Charlotte, NC

September 6 : Lexington, KY

September 7 : Nashville, TN

September 8 : Greer, SC

September 27 : Chicago, IL

September 28: Indianapolis, IN

September 29 : Chattanooga, TN

October 5 : Columbia, SC

October 6 : Bluffton, SC

November 1 : Asheville, NC

November 11: Dallas, TX

November 16 : San Francisco, CA

November 18: Augusta, GA

Interested in becoming a Mocha Club artist advocate? Email Fallon –


Happy New {School} Year!

If you’ve supported our education initiatives through Mocha Club or have ever participated in Ellie’s Run for Africa , you supported students at New Dawn Academy who have now graduated! With joy of new students starting school, there is also joy celebrating the students that are moving on to bigger things!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.47.57 PM

The lead up to graduation starts with final exams. In previous years, the students would take their exams at the school per normal but this year they were advised by the government and department of education to take the exams at a nearby teacher’s college. Transportation in Kenya is not as accessible as that in the States and so with the help of supportive parents, the students traveled to take their exams together:

“The parents chipped in and supported towards the transportation of students to and from the exam venue. They hired a bus that made it easier for the entire exercise to be concluded with minimal hitches. This required special/extra arrangements for the transport and meals. The candidates’ parents agreed to take up the cost for hiring transport to and from the exam venues. The school provided lunch for the candidates.” 

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.48.14 PM

And then came the big day!

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.48.30 PM

“Several students gave short remarks regarding their experience at NDEC, all in appreciation of the opportunity to have been part of the family. The teachers too appreciated their time of interaction with the students and encouraged them to pursue opportunities to further their education and career objectives with the assurance that God would be with them all the way into the future.”

The staff at New Dawn wanted to gives thanks for the support of all who participated in Ellie’s Run and the donors from Mocha Club! These students couldn’t have done what they did without you.

Thank you!

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Volunteer with Mocha Club & Matt Wertz!

IMG_5103Mocha Club is heading out on the #GUNSHY tour with Matt Wertz this Fall! And we are looking for volunteers to help out at each show. Help support our friends in Africa by volunteering at the Mocha Club table!

We need 2 people to work the Mocha Club table and Matt’s merch table at each of the concerts listed below.  Would you be available? It will be a fun night sharing about Mocha Club and welcoming new people into our community. We can’t do this without you!

A fun bonus is that Mocha Club table staff get free admission to the concert!


September 14: Bryan, TX // VOLUNTEER!

September 15 : Austin, TX // VOLUNTEER!

September 16 : Dallas, TX // VOLUNTEER!

September 17 : Waco, TX // VOLUNTEER!

September 18 : Houston, TX // VOLUNTEER!

September 20: Phoenix, AZ // VOLUNTEER!

September 23 : Hollywood, CA // VOLUNTEER!

September 27 : San Francisco, CA // VOLUNTEER!

September 29 : Portland, OR // VOLUNTEER!

September 30 : Seattle, WA // VOLUNTEER!

October 4: Salt Lake City, UT // VOLUNTEER!

October 6 : Denver, CO // VOLUNTEER!

October 8 : Lawrence, KS // VOLUNTEER!

October 9 : St. Louis, MO // VOLUNTEER!

October 19 : Orlando, FL // VOLUNTEER!

October 21: Charlotte, NC // VOLUNTEER!

October 23 : Charlottesville, VA // VOLUNTEER!

October 26 : Washington D.C. // VOLUNTEER!

October 27 : Allston, MA // VOLUNTEER!

October 28: New York City, NY // VOLUNTEER!

October 30 : Philadelphia, PA // VOLUNTEER!

November 10 : Ferndale, MI // VOLUNTEER!

November 11 : Grand Rapids, MI // VOLUNTEER!

November 12 : Chicago, IL // VOLUNTEER!

November 13: Minneapolis, MN // VOLUNTEER!

November 15 : Madison, WI // VOLUNTEER!

November 16 : Indianapolis, IN // VOLUNTEER!

November 17 : Louisville, KY // VOLUNTEER!

December 2 : Atlanta, GA // VOLUNTEER!

December 3 : Birmingham, AL // VOLUNTEER!

We’re looking for people who are…

  • Friendly, passionate, responsible, & organized
  • Able to take initiative in introducing Mocha Club to people
  • At least 18 years old

What Mocha Club table staff will need to do at the concert:

  • Arrive approximately 1 hour before the show to set up the Mocha Club table (instructions will be provided).
  • Explain Mocha Club to people who approach the table before, during, and after the event.
  • Be responsible for Mocha Club table items throughout the show (do not leave table unattended).
  • After concert, answer questions and help people fill out Mocha Club signup form.
  • Safely pack up all items at the end of the show and make sure completed signup forms are Fedex’d to us **no later than the next business day following the concert.**
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12th Annual Ellie’s Run for Africa!

We are busy planning for the 12th run this year and we want you to be there!  Ellie’s Run For Africa supports the students at New Dawn Educational Center in Nairobi, Kenya.  Register to run and all proceeds will support the high school students.

Who do you run for? When you register to run, you will receive a bib with a New Dawn student’s name on it for some extra motivation and encouragement.




Mochatern Monday: 11.16.15

Mocha House Show Poster 2

Hey Mocha Club !

Thanks for following along! This week, Annabelle and I have an exciting announcement:

We are planning the first-ever Mocha Club Christmas House Show! It is going to be so much fun! We have artists, Ernie Halter, The Orchardist, and Rand Walter coming to play some Christmas songs for us on December 6th as we celebrate The Mocha Club and spread awareness to the Nashville community.

We will also be selling our new shirts there! Be sure and check them out online! Bring cash or check!

If you live in the Nashville area, don’t forget to mark your calendars for December 6th and check out our Facebook event page!





Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.16.38 PM
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Influence Conference THIS WEEKEND!

We are gearing up, packing up, and pumping up for the Influence Conference happening next week in Indianapolis with the founders and some of our favorite bloggers, Jessi Connolly and Hayley Morgan!


Influence Conference has been happening annually for three years and Mocha Club has been part of this amazing three day event from the beginning. They just published the 2014 conference : Influence Magazine and we are thrilled to be part of it. The women and organizations featured in this publication are inspiring and we honored to be shared alongside them.  Sign up for the newsletter here: to be sure to get your copy tomorrow afternoon! 



Coffee & Conversation

Attention, Nashvillans! Mark your calendar for THIS THURSDAY for some coffee and conversation!

We have a unique opportunity to hear from one of our partners from Sierra Leone – Jonathan Titus Williams.  He has traveled over from Africa to meet with our community and share his story and the clean water projects happening because of the support from Mocha Club members!

Join in the conversation, have of cup of coffee, and partake of refreshments as we discuss the remarkable story of how Jonathan worked with his community to find a sustainable solution to help improve malaria rates through a new clean water well.




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Influence Conference 2014 – will you be there?

Influence Conference is happening again in Indianapolis, Indiana – September 25th-27th – and Mocha Club is excited to be part of the event again this year!  The founders of the conference are our very own Mocha Club members, Jessi Connolly from the #KenyaMocha team and Hayley Morgan from the #blogABLE team.

They just announced the first experience happening at the conference to kick off the three-day event – the welcome party!


from the Influence blog

We are honored to be partnering with Mocha Club for this fun event to welcome you to The Influence Conference. Our hearts have been so incredibly connected to Mocha Club since the beginning of Influence. Mocha Club is a community of people giving up the cost of a few mochas a month to fund development projects in Africa. They work in five main project areas: Clean Water, Education, Economic Freedom, Orphan Care, and Healthcare.

At the party, you will get to learn more about the amazing work that Mocha Club is doing, have the opportunity to sign up to join Mocha Club and learn about some of the purpose projects that Mocha Club has done (and meet many of our women who have completed these projects!). We are so thrilled to be working with Mocha Club and help further their amazing cause all year!

It’s going to be such a fun night to let loose with old friends, hug some new friends, and learn more about Mocha Club and how we can make small sacrifices to make a big impact. Won’t you join us?

Read more…

Interested in being part of the conference this year?  Learn more here. We would love to have you part of the fun!


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Stage It with Ernie Halter + Jessica Campbell!

It’s an exciting week here at the Mocha Club offices – two of our Mocha Club artists will come together to perform a show with 100% of the proceeds supporting our Education projects!


 THIS Thursday @ 8pm CST, Ernie Halter and Jessica Campbell will be performing a Stage It performance from the MC headquarters in Nashville.  Tune in to listen to some great music and help support Mocha Club at the same time!

The show is pay what you can with a suggested donation of 90 notes ($9). The goal for the evening is to raise $540, which is equal to 1 teacher’s salary for 1 month at New Dawn.  There are still tickets left so grab yours now!

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In case you missed it: #KenyaMocha live stream available!

Thank you to all who joined the #KenyaMocha live stream yesterday – we had a great time!  Whether you were tuning in online via twitter or stopping by the office to be a part of the action, we are so thankful for your time to hear the hearts of our team members while they share their passion for New Dawn, education, and the Mocha Club.


In case you missed it – the live stream broadcast is available to watch now!  Listen in while Annie, Lindsay, Jessi, and Lizzie answer how they became part of the #KenyaMocha team, why they started blogging, and why they feel like they need Africa?  We laughed, we cried, and we had a great time so go check it out!



Over the broadcast, we encouraged viewers to join us in supporting Mocha Club and New Dawn by giving up a few mochas a month. A school can only grow and flourish when there is a dedicated and supportive staff on hand. The amazing teachers are what make New Dawn the beacon of hope that it is to the local community. Without these teachers, the school simply can not operate. Currently, while much of the school is making ground-breaking advancements, funds for the incredible staff is it’s greatest need. We want to support these teachers and continue the big impact they have on the students of New Dawn.  If just 31 of us gave $18 a month, we could provide 1 teacher with the necessary funds they need to continue to teaching for one year.


In Kenya, a teacher’s average salary is $6500; compare this to an average salary of a teacher in the States at $55,000.  For our New Dawn teachers, it’s more than the salary; it’s the lives that they are impacting everyday through education.

There’s still time to JOIN and receive these free exclusive items!

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 6.55.21 PM