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Mocha Club Journey Stop #1 : New Dawn Educational Centre

Next summer we are headed out on a journey to Africa to visit Ethiopia and Kenya! Our trips provide an opportunity for Mocha Club members and their friends to visit Africa and witness firsthand what giving up a few mochas a month can do, while having a chance to serve the African people. 

We will take the next couple of weeks to introduce you each of the spots we will be visiting on our journey!

First up: our partners at New Dawn Educational Centre.

We will start our journey traveling to the Huruma slum, the location of New Dawn Educational Center. The Huruma slum provides an interesting contrast to the urban city of Nairobi. Driving into Huruma is like a trip into another world, where dirt roads extend into a maze of small, shack-like houses. We will travel into the slum and drive past the tight groupings of small houses, built primarily out of scrap wood and sheets of metal, giving us an idea of the living conditions of the New Dawn students.

We will spend the day at the New Dawn Educational Center, learning about the students and the services provided by the school.

We will have a chance to interact with students and teachers, see the classrooms, and visit the garden that the school cultivates. We will spend the remainder or the day engaging and serving under the direction of the school’s founder Irene Tongoi.

The following day we will travel back to Huruma and spend the day learning more about the students who live in the slum. The slum itself is notoriously ridden with drug and alcohol issues that have kept many of its inhabitants in poverty. We will learn about the opportunity that New Dawn provides for its students within this environment and continue to engage. This visit is intended to provide perspective and understanding of the lives of the students at New Dawn, and we will spend our time serving them in whatever ways we can.


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Before and After : New Dawn Educational Center

As kids in the U.S. are now settling back into school, we celebrate a school that is near and dear to our hearts here at Mocha Club.  For many years, you’ve heard stories encircling New Dawn Educational Center and it’s many students who have graduated through the years.

Since March of 2009 when New Dawn opened it’s doors, 231 students have graduated high school to go on to higher education or a working career.  Thank you for being part of supporting these kids by providing school fees, materials, and food for them to thrive in their journey of education. Today, we celebrate by sharing photos of New Dawn these past six years. Share the impact with your family and friends. Remind them that small sacrifices really CAN make a big impact. You can see to believe…








Original Classroom Building

Resource Center Constrction







New Building


More stories from New Dawn:


I’m With the Band

Every week, three times a week, there’s a new noise coming from the New Dawn campus. It has a beat. It has soul. Yup. It’s a…band! The school has partnered with a local volunteer who is loaning the instruments temporarily and also instructing the students on playing drums and trumpet. At some point soon, they’ll need new instruments. For now, the students are enjoying a new element of their education that you support. Play on!


The Best Place a Student Needs to be…

Kids in the U.S. may have just fled the doors of schools across the nation, but for kids at New Dawn in Kenya, school is in session throughout the summer – and they’re happy about it! Check out what Ochieng, a student in form three, had to say about her schooling: “This is the place I have been yearning to come because its environment is conducive and peaceful. It is the best place a student needs to be.” Ochieng wants to teach literature or be an author when she grows up. Thanks for helping to make her dream a reality!


Ellie’s Run for Africa a Success!

Finish line crossed! Ellie’s Run for Africa was a success!!! We’re still totaling the final tally, but we know that it will go a long way. When you support New Dawn, you’re giving students at New Dawn Educational Centre the shot at an education…and a future…they might not otherwise have!! Thanks to all who came and prayed for the event.

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Bringing Hope to the Family

Healthcare and education go hand in hand. If you’re sick, it’s tough to learn. That’s the philosophy of our newest partner, Faith Kunihira, and her ministry called Bringing Hope to the Family.

Faith swore she would never again be poor…but she felt the tug to leave her job in the city and go back home to a small town called Kaihura in Uganda to help her fellow families. In just 15 years, she has taken this town from a few buildings to a bustling center that is sustained by the work of Bringing Hope. That’s because Bringing Hope includes an elementary school of 253 children, clinic that serves nearly 900 people, orphanage caring for 110, agriculture program, vocational school of 63 boys and girls, support for micro-businesses, a church, and other physical and social services that truly make life better.

As for that fear of being poor again? Faith says, “God provides. It may not be in my time,” she says with a raised eyebrow and pointer finger, “but He does provide.”

We’re eager to tell more stories of Bringing Hope to the Family in the months and years to come. Hopefully this quick intro whets your appetite.


Because his mother couldn’t get healthcare

As a child, Peter struggled. Like his friends in the Githogoro slum, he had no healthcare. He hardly had anything, in fact.

But his little heart struggled, too, watching his mother, who needed healthcare, go without it. It’s a burden he has carried for 15 years.

Today, he’s doing something about it.

Peter now volunteers at the health clinic behind New Dawn Educational Centre as a newly minted graduate in clinical medicine. His journey to today is astounding, and we’re even more excited about what he wants to do next.

Peter grew up Githogoro, a slum in Nairobi. His single mother raised him and his brothers and sisters. Often, he felt he needed to support his mother, even at a very young age.

But he and his mother knew that school mattered. So, when Peter had the opportunity to attend primary school, his mother supported him. He took his primary exam at the age of 14, and did well.

The next challenge: his mother could not afford secondary school. So Peter tried to get a job to earn some money. He was too small to do the labor jobs. At the time, it felt like an obstacle to supporting his family. As it turned out, Peter’s future held something different.

After two years of continuing his search for work, Peter heard of New Dawn Educational Centre, a new secondary school designed to help students in his exact situation. He attended a Vision conference there, which helped him and his peers dream about their future. That conference opened the door for Peter to become part of the first New Dawn class of students.

It rolled from there: Peter graduated from New Dawn in 2009, enrolled at The Presbyterian University of East Africa in 2010, thanks to a New Dawn scholarship, and took his final exam in 2014. He graduated second in his class, and is now a Clinical Officer, which is the equivalent of a Nurse Practitioner in the U.S.

“Despite where I come from, God has enabled me to succeed,” says Peter.

Peter’s return to helping the community where he grew up is a deep conviction. He can relate to the children he treats, because he’s been there. And he can connect with their mothers, because he once saw his mother struggle in the same way.

Today, Peter dreams of opening a facility for children and women, and he’s on his way. But for now, he’ll finish his education and make visits to the homes of mothers and children facing what he once experienced.


7 Days of Christmas : MOCHA CLUB + SEVENLY

Mocha Club is celebrating 7 Days of Christmas with Sevenly by celebrating Education!  During the entire week of December 1st, for every “Education is Freedom” t-shirt sold, $7 will be donated to Mocha Club and our Education programs.  Gift yourself and give the gift of education to our friends in Africa!





$7 provides 2 two students an education and two meals a day

$7 provides all expenses and meals for a student to attend their field trip

$7 provides internet to a child for the school year

$7 pays for a students’ exams taken at the end of every year (standardized state exams to pass to the next year)