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HEKO Stories: Relationships Formed

The relationships formed through African Leadership and HEKO are very impactful! They change women’s lives by giving them hope and by simply showing them love.

Here is the story of one woman who changed her life after meeting the people from African Leadership and HEKO:

Teresa Anyango Odiawo was diagnosed HIV/AIDS positive after her husband died from the disease. She was living with her two children and her HIV/AIDS positive younger brother. She was having a hard time coping with people mistreating her because of her disease.

She was introduced to HEKO, where she participated in psycho-spiritual counseling. She also met Barrett Ward and Emily Blackledge from African Leadership who supported her micro-finance training. The support and help shown by these two organizations gave her hope and inspiration.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.23.33 AM

Teresa and her brother

Teresa started a bead work business and trains other people living with HIV/AIDS on knitting, beadwork, and crocheting. She has become a role model for people living with the disease and volunteers as a social health worker.

She now understands the importance of community and having relationships with people. She would not have gained this confidence without the example shown by Emily Blackledge being there for her third child’s birth, Barrett Ward’s support and teaching, or HEKO‘s compassion and training.

When you give to Mocha Club, you are helping create relationships that build communities.



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What are we thankful for this year?


Project C.U.R.E. is an organization that Mocha Club donations help support by giving medical and healthcare supplies to different countries in Africa. And year-after-year, YOU have been providing life-saving medical care + supplies to communities all over the continent.

The last donation was used to provide care to pregnant women through an organization called Saving Mothers, Giving Life. The movement works to reduce the number of deaths that happen while women are giving birth. In many countries in Africa, women do not have the right medical care to prevent death while giving birth if complications arise such as severe bleeding, infections, high blood pressure or unsafe abortions.

Donations from Mocha Club were used to ship this container full of medical supplies including boxes of disinfectant bottles, wipes, thermometers, stethoscopes, drip stands, and beds to help provide care for many mothers receiving care. With the Mocha Club’s help, lives are being saved!

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.01.41 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.01.59 AM


Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.24.28 AM

Thank you again for your donations and the life-saving care that you are helping provide to the women in Africa!

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Mocha Club Journey Stop #2 : Heritage Kenya Organization (HEKO)

Next summer we are headed out on a journey to Africa with visit Ethiopia and Kenya! Our trips provide an opportunity for Mocha Club members and their friends to visit Africa and witness firsthand what giving up a few mochas a month can do, while having a chance to serve the African people. 

We will take the next couple of weeks to introduce you each of the spots we will be visiting on our journey!

Next up: our partners at HEKO.

We will finish up our visits with our partners as we travel to Kibera, one of the largest slums in Africa and home to the Heritage Kenya Organization (HEKO). HEKO provides mental, physical, and spiritual support primarily to women impacted by HIV/AIDS. We will spend the day meeting, engaging, and praying with members of a HEKO support group, alongside founders and group leaders Peter and Monica Odero.


(or download the application & mail in):

Mocha Club
P.O. Box 2888
Brentwood, TN 37024-2888

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HEKO Stories: Education is Power

There is a need and YOU are answering the call.

The money raised through giving up mochas helps support the HEKO program in Africa. Last year, as the HEKO program was conducting door-to-door visitations where they prayed over famScreen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.39.05 AMilies, they met a woman named Jane Akinyi Obonyo.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Odero of HEKO later learned that the woman they were visiting was living with HIV/AIDS. Jane was abandoned at home with her two children and feeling hopeless.

The Oderos invited Jane to be a part of the HEKO ministry where she got regular support and hope. She learned about the importance of nutrition and how to take care of herself then she began spreading the ministry to those around her.

So when you give up a mocha and donate to the Mocha Club, you are helping people just like Jane and impacting an entire community!



HEKO Stories: Spreading Compassion

Esther Nekesa is a single mother of four that lost her husband to HIV/AIDS related illnesses in 2002. She was also positive for HIV/AIDS herself and ended up bedridden with no hope. She had no husband, no way of taking care of her children, and no strength or health to live.  Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 10.07.21 AM

Mocha Club and HEKO began to take care of her by providing food vouchers and giving her education to sustain herself. With their patience, Esther felt their love and kindness being poured into her.

From the ministry, Nekesa says that she learned the importance of being compassionate to those with the disease. She says that she now loves to encourage and help others who are discriminated and abandoned because of HIV/AIDS. She wants to show them that they are important and can be loved.

What are you doing to spread compassion to the people in your community? You can start by joining Mocha Club to impact thousands of people in Africa!

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“…From being frustrated and broken to inspired and powerful.”

Wondering what you are supporting when you support the Mocha Club and its mission?

You help support the HEKO program, a program for mostly women who are suffering from HIV/Aids. Through this program, they receive counseling and nutrition education on how to take care of themselves with this disease.

Here is the story of one member of the HEKO program that has been impacted in a meaningful way through YOUR support!

Dorcas Atieno Oluoch was 44 years old when she began herdorcas new life as a single parent of six after being stigmatized and discriminated by her husband upon learning of her positive HIV status. Soon after, he abandoned her and the children and moved in with another woman.

When Dorcas joined the program after learning about it from an awareness workshop organized by HEKO through elder Peter Odero and his wife Monica, she instantly felt encouraged. The program helped her change her life and make a positive change for herself and her children. She moved from being frustrated and broken to inspired and powerful.

At HEKO, she says she learned the importance of good nutrition and how to manage stigma and discrimination. She was also trained in micro-business finance for self sustainability.

She later formed a group at Kiberia DOs office and became a leader for the community. Today Dorcas lives a normal life with her children and volunteers in her community with social health work.

Thank you to everyone who supports the healthcare efforts of our organization at HEKO.

By joining Mocha Club, you too can change the life of a person just like Dorcas!




HEKO believes in every life

In Kenya, 1 in 5 teens has sex before age 15. Nearly 10,000 young adults died of HIV/AIDS in a year. That’s why HEKO is so important. Believing every life matters, they are working with these young adults to keep them healthy, educate them about the risks they can avoid to reduce their chance of getting HIV+, and what to do if they are.

From April – June of this year, HEKO:

  • Helped 38 women gain occupational skills and go through group counseling, all while keeping on anti-retroviral medication (ARVs) to keep them healthy.
  • Gave food to 57 more people who are HIV+ and taking ARVs to keep healthy.
  • Taught 57 people about ways to stop the spread of AIDS through the “Prevention with Positives” program.
  • Provided 123 people with sports and recreational activities, as well as group therapy, to help them cope with their disease.

This is hard work. So many organizations around the world are combatting the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Cheers to Peter and his team for so directly impacting the lives of people learning how to live with their disease.


An SUV Turned Ambulance

We recently helped the caregivers at Lizulu Orphan Care get an SUV to make life a little easier…and just in time! Recently, malaria has struck the region hard. Everton, our pastor on the ground there, wrote: “This time I have no problem taking sick children to hospital as the vehicle is working perfectly any time anywhere in the area we are operating.”

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What’s a jigger?

Ever seen a jigger?  Or what this tiny bug can do to your feet?  Vincent, a six year old, was infested with them.  On his feet, in the palms of his hands, on his elbows…you name it.  As a result, he became malnourished. Couldn’t go to school.  But now he’s free for a new life, thanks to the work of the clinicians at Action Clinic who spent hours a day to get rid of the bugs.  Action Clinic is a new MC partner in Kenya and makes sure kids like Vincent get medical care they need.  And it all happens because you give up a few mochas a month.

Not a member yet and want to support the medical needs of orphans throughout Africa? $9 a month helps keep kids like Vincent healthy!

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Bringing Hope to the Family

Healthcare and education go hand in hand. If you’re sick, it’s tough to learn. That’s the philosophy of our newest partner, Faith Kunihira, and her ministry called Bringing Hope to the Family.

Faith swore she would never again be poor…but she felt the tug to leave her job in the city and go back home to a small town called Kaihura in Uganda to help her fellow families. In just 15 years, she has taken this town from a few buildings to a bustling center that is sustained by the work of Bringing Hope. That’s because Bringing Hope includes an elementary school of 253 children, clinic that serves nearly 900 people, orphanage caring for 110, agriculture program, vocational school of 63 boys and girls, support for micro-businesses, a church, and other physical and social services that truly make life better.

As for that fear of being poor again? Faith says, “God provides. It may not be in my time,” she says with a raised eyebrow and pointer finger, “but He does provide.”

We’re eager to tell more stories of Bringing Hope to the Family in the months and years to come. Hopefully this quick intro whets your appetite.