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INA fashionABLE scarf

We launched the exclusive “I need Africa” fashionABLE scarf at the INA 2.0 launch. The first edition featured cobalt blue stripes (coordinating nicely with the cobalt blue stripes on the Pocket Tee!).

The second edition is here… and the stripes are now a brilliant emerald green! (It is the color of the year, y’all.) We showed you earlier this week how the Pocket Tote is also sporting this fabulous color.

INA fashionABLE scarf

We teamed up with fashionABLE to further tell the story of “I need Africa more than Africa needs me.” The core of “INA” challenges the perception that Africa needs only our pity & charity, and instead seeks to reveal the truth that its people have much to offer. Made by Africans who have been given new opportunity, this scarf symbolizes the heart behind INA: that Africa, with all its need, has much to give & teach us.

INA fashionABLE scarf emerald 1

This INA fashionABLE scarf is the perfect weight for every season, and the mist grey base color compliments almost any outfit. And with a story of creating jobs for at-risk women, it’s the perfect gift with meaning!

>> Grab the INA fashionABLE scarf for $32 in the Mocha Club store.

*All INA products (scarves, pocket tee, & pocket tote!) are available as a FREE incentive for joining Mocha Club monthly and/or inviting a friend to join

INA fashionABLE scarf emerald 2

( thanks to Christine of {declare} photography for the photos! )


Put A Pocket On It!

We’ve loved partnering with our sister company fashionABLE to create new exclusive products.  First, with the launch of INA 2.0, we offered a Pocket Tee. The tee featured a pocket from a fashionABLE scarf, made by Africans who have been given new opportunity. It was such a hit that we decided we wanted to put pockets on more things!

Mocha Club INA Pocket Tote 1

So for the 2nd installment of 2.0 products, we created a Pocket Tote. The pocket still comes from a fashionABLE scarf, but we wanted to expand on the story a bit… so we hired our friends at Thistle Farms to sew on the pockets!  Thistle Farms is a social enterprise of women in Nashville, TN who have survived prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. So this tote not only provided opportunity for at-risk women across the ocean in Africa, but also for women right here in our own backyard!  We just love that.

Mocha Club INA Pocket Tote 3

The canvas tote is 100% recycled cotton and the pocket is made up of white & emerald green stripes (the color of the year!). On the inside you’ll find the phrase “Love is Sovereign” — a quote taken from the “I need Africa more than Africa needs me” story (lovely illustration by Lindsay Letters!)

Mocha Club INA Pocket Tote 2

And did we mention that it’s TOTES adorable? (I know, sorry, we had to.)

Moch Club Nov 2013 Shoot-22 copy

>> Grab the INA Pocket Tote in the Mocha Club store for $18! (And there are still a few Pocket Tees left, too, at $28).

*All INA products (scarves, pocket tee, & pocket tote!) are available as a FREE incentive for joining Mocha Club monthly and/or inviting a friend to join

Mocha Club INA Pocket Tote 4

( thanks to Christine of {declare} photography for the photos! )


Give Joy to the World

Mocha Club Holiday 2013

Yes, we know that Thanksgiving is still 2 weeks away, and we don’t want to overshadow the season of gratitude (and pumpkin pie!)
Yet everywhere we turn it seems there are already sparkly lights and santas and snowflakes.

So, if you’re one of those who have already started scouring the gift guides and making your shopping list, we wanted to make sure you knew that we’ve launched some pretty stellar new products over in the Mocha Club store!

We’ll be sharing more about these products (and some super cool collaborations!) over the next couple of weeks, but here’s a quick glimpse…

Mocha Club fashionABLE INA scarf emerald green

Mocha Club + Lindsay Letters I need Africa prints

Mocha Club + Lindsay Letters mug & coffee


As always, when you BUY PRODUCTS you SUPPORT PROJECTS100% benefitting Africa!

And make sure you’re on our email list to be notified of sales & specials (coming after Thanksgiving!)Email Signup

( thanks to Christine of {declare} photography for the photos! )


Why Mocha Club? Member Spotlight: Meet Amy.

Member Spotlights is a way to introduce the Mocha Club community to one another and to share our individual stories that brought us to support Africa together.

Meet Amy.


I joined the Mocha Club, because I don’t want my contribution to Africa to end after my 10 day trip. I want to continue giving back, to continue reminding myself that there is a world out there that is so much bigger than my world here in Southern California. It’s so easy for me to spend money on temporary things: an outfit that will be worn until the fabric tears, gas that will only be in my tank until I’ve driven a certain amount of miles, or a coffee that is gone in minutes. I want to put money towards something that will have lasting impact, and I want to be a part of the amazing things God is doing in this incredible place called Africa. That’s why I decided to join the Mocha Club!

Read more on her blog as Amy shares about why she needs Africa and her upcoming trip to Uganda.


member since: September 2013
supports: General


 So why’d you join Mocha Club? We’d love to hear from you, too!
Email info(at) for the chance to have your story featured!



Continuing the INA Conversation.

It’s been an amazing month sharing the “I need Africa” (INA) story. We conversed with creatives at STORY in Chicago and mingled with moms at Influence in Indianapolis. We’ve teamed up with bloggers around the country who are helping us start a new conversation about Africa… a continent longing for partnership, not pity.  Hundreds of you have joined us in giving up the cost of a few mochas a month to support a project area that stirs your heart.


photo via trina at

But let’s not stop here.

If you haven’t  joined the club yet, giving as little as $9 a month really can have an impact. Oh, and you get to pick a super cool product, too.


photo via megan at 

Already a member? Don’t forget you can invite your friends to join your team! And when they join? You both get an INA 2.0 product. win. win.


pic via Alessandra at

We’d love to hear how you are starting a new conversation about Africa. Share on social media with #ineedafrica and/or send us a photo of you rockin’ your new INA products!

Let’s continue to reveal the truth that Africa, with all its need, has much to give and teach us.



I Need Africa 2.0

If you’ve been around the Mocha Club for a few years, there’s a good chance you’ve seen and heard the phrase “I Need Africa more than Africa needs me.” Sounds crazy, right? Aren’t we the ones helping them?

This whole idea was born out of a sleepless night in 2008, when Barrett (Mocha Club founder) was living in Ethiopia and the thought of “I need Africa more than Africa needs me” was keeping him awake, and he had to put this feeling into words. With the hunch that this might resonate with others who’ve had a similar experience, Mocha Club took those thoughts and launched the original I Need Africa (INA) campaign later that year, with this video, the original INA t-shirt, & hundreds of bloggers sharing how Africa has impacted so many of us in similar but unique ways.

Now, almost 5 years later, the INA story remains the heart behind all that we do at Mocha Club. We find that the more we continue to give to Africa, the more we receive, and we want to continue to challenge the perception that Africa needs only our pity and charity, and instead seek to reveal the truth that its people have much to offer.

So, INA is back for round 2. There’s a new video and some amazing new products we’ve launched in partnership with our sister company fashionABLE. And this time we’ve pulled out some quotes from the INA story to highlight as themes, to focus on the glorious truths that Africa gives us. The first one is peace:


There a few ways to respond & get involved…
If you’re not a current Mocha Club member, JOIN THE CLUB and then pick one of the 2.0 products (an exclusive fashionABLE INA scarf or the INA pocket tee) for FREE. If you’re already a member, now’s the perfect time to INVITE your friends to join you! When they join, you BOTH get to choose a FREE product!*
The INA 2.0 products are also available for purchase in the MC store.

We also want to start a new conversation about Africa, and need your help! The INA page has some graphics and suggestions on how to share the #ineedafrica story.

INA 2.0 products

INA 2.0

*Limit 2 free items per person, per collection.
*If you have questions about inviting and your unique personal URL, email us at info(at)
*Once you (or your friend) join, you’ll receive an email giving you instructions on how to get your free stuff!


#blogABLE Guest Blogger: Ellie Holcomb.

We introduced you to her yesterday, and now hear from Ellie herself on how she got to this moment.
Ellie started a brand new blog over at where she’ll be documenting her thoughts on the trip, too! Be sure to check it out!

Ellie Holcomb _ scarf I Need Africa More Than Africa Needs Me

I’ll never forget it. I had heard about Mocha Club and fashionable from several artist friends. I had heard Dave Barnes tell stories of how he visited Africa and was changed, stories of raising money to bring water to places where water was scarce, but I’ll never forget reading the stories of the women involved with Woman At Risk and fashionable for the first time. There I was on my laptop in a coffee shop with some $5.73 drink in my hand, and all of the sudden, I was transported, inspired, convicted, & changed. I read stories of women being abandoned, lost, fighting to provide for their families. I read stories of how the sticky fingers of prostitution promised provision but stole their dignity and their joy. I read stories of women who overcame obstacle after obstacle, with the help of Women at Risk and fashionABLE.

There is so much I take for granted, so much I don’t see in the world, and so many people who need help. I was amazed as these women told their stories online. Their words spoke of tragedy turned around, of broken things that had been healed, of life without hope slowly filled back up with hope again. There are so many who need help, & reading these women’s stories that day, I realized there are so many ways we can help. Thanks to the work that Mocha Club and fashionABLE do, you and me (with our AC and our hot coffees and our desire to help make a dent in the need) can help! Joy tears came quick. I felt connected with these women I had never met. Inspired by their strength, & compelled to be a part of their stories and many more stories to come, I signed up as a Mocha Club artist and have had the privilege of inviting you, our listeners and fans and friends, to join us in helping to re-write women’s stories. What a joy it has been, and what a dream come true it will be to finally meet these women face to face!

Yes, it’s true. I’ll be joining Mocha club and fashionABLE on a trip August 10-14th, called #blogABLE! We’ll be blogging and tweeting about these women, what they are up to, and how we need them more than they need us, to be reminded that strength and hope can prevail even in the face of great hardship & that we all can be a part of making the world a better place.Would you join me on this trip? I’d so love to share it all with you!



Mocha Merch.


The Mocha Club Store is your one-stop-shop to buy shirts, totes, journals, and hoodies that support and share what we’re doing together in Africa.


We’ve hit the “refresh” button and given the store an updated look, as well as some updated prices! Yup, there’s a little sale happening right now on some of your favorite items… including the original “I need Africa” t-shirt!  And don’t forget Dad — there’s a great Father’s Day bundle that shows your dad he can really take care of business.


[ SHOP NOW >> ]



"I Need Africa" in Malawi

Our I Need Africa campaign makes it all the way to Malawi…here’s Mocha Club member Michelle Murrey wearing her shirt while caring for children in Malawi – January 2010.  Thanks for sending in these photos, Michelle!

Michelle Murrey

Michelle Murrey

Says Michelle,

“That day was a lot of fun. The girls’ grandfather worked in the restaurant where I worked for about three weeks. He and his wife are raising at least four grandchildren, three children, maybe more. His brother passed away three days before I left, so he may have even more children at home now. All of this is done on a salary of less than $100 per month. Imagine… and yet, he still shows up every day, works hard every day, and manages to keep a smile on his face.  I need Africa to remind me of what is good and pure and important in this world.


Mocha Club Coffee House presented by First Baptist Church Decatur, IL

First Baptist Church Youth Group - Decatur, IL

First Baptist Decatur Youth Group at their Coffee House, all sportin’ their “I Need Africa” tshirts!

We’re inspired today by the First Baptist Church of Decatur, IL Youth Group who recently created their own Coffee House to raise money for Mocha Club projects!  The youth group raised almost $700!

Here’s how it went, in the words of their Youth Director, Kelsey Parrish:

“We had lots of people donate desserts to share. We had the local coffee company, Marquis, donate regular coffee packets. We got sweeteners and flavorings to add to it. This was all free. We just asked for donations. We had many of the youth and church members perform duets, solos, musical pieces, original poems, raps, etc. Between each act a youth would go up and speak about one of the projects that the money raised could go towards. We had buckets where we encouraged people to donate their money to the project they felt passionate about. We also had a silent mug auction. I had several of my youth decorate plain mugs and during the ‘show’ encouraged the attenders to bid on the mugs. At the end of the show we read who had the highest bid on each mug. The person who ‘won” the mug then paid their bid into the bucket of the project they wished to support.

We had a great time planning and facilitating this event. My kids enjoyed the opportunity to impact the lives of people halfway around the world. They are already talking about next time!”

See more photos from their event on Facebook.

See other ways YOU can run a campaign here, or email