Nov '05: Kibera Boys

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”

(James 1:27; NIV)

We have some exciting updates this month on the orphans being supported through Mocha Club! Barrett Ward and I sat down with a few of our Regional Directors – Agrippa Dube, who oversees the schools in Zimbabwe that we updated you on last month, and Benson Mutisya, who oversees the Calvary Youth Hostel in Kenya that we’re updating you on this month. They are asking and expecting God to do big things through the projects He has made happen in their nation.

Last month, we updated you on the 333 children who are now in schools in villages near Bulawayo, Zimbabwe because of Mocha Club. We will continue to update you on these children. For this month, we’re updating you on the 14 boys Mocha Club is supporting who live at the Calvary Youth Hostel


These boys live in the largest slum in East Africa, called “Kibera,” in Nairobi, Kenya. Here, there are over 800,000 people living in an area that is just over a square mile. The poverty there is unbearable. The following update is from Jackson Atsango (see his pic below), our local director who lives with the boys in Kibera. These boys are now in school and living in this home which supplies all their food and clothing needs as well.


A few of the boys’ stories:

It only costs $806 per month to provide for all 14 boys at the home, including education, caretaker, clothing, food, and shelter! Friends, the money you are giving is actually something much bigger – hope and a future.

Click HERE to view some handwritten messages from the boys and read their personal stories. There are 7 stories…you can read one each day for a week!

The house responsibilities for the boys:

These boys are serious about studying so they can advance in their classes and learn a vocation.

  • In their free time, they do devotions, study for classes, play soccer and evangelize to their neighbors.
  • At home, they are responsible for
    • Cooking
    • Leading prayers in the evening devotions
    • Washing dishes and their own clothes
    • Cleaning the house
    • Attending church training activities like worship-leading and evangelism

As their physical and spiritual needs are provided for, they are being equipped to lead others!

A note from Jackson, the house director:

“Before this new school term began in September, we held a two-day prayer and fasting mainly for their [school] performance which had gone down last term. To surprise, on Monday they came in the house with smiling faces and gave me their midterm exam results. They really did so well, thanks be to God! They also assured me that end of the term they will pass with flying colors.”



“The best thing about the Mocha Club, to me, is being able to help out orphans in Africa, while I’m stuck here in the United States. Even though I can’t be the physical touch these kids are going to feel, I can help make that touch happen by sending just a few dollars a month. It has also been awesome to see how jazzed everyone else has gotten through hearing about the Mocha Club, and then helping get more people to participate!”

~ Brittany Mixon, Team “Bonginkosi”

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