Jan '06: Broken-down building turned into place of hope.


“At that very time, he cured many people of their various diseases, and he cast out evil spirits and restored sight to the blind. Then he told John’s disciples, “Go back to John and tell him what you have seen and heard–the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life, and the Good News is being preached to the poor.'”_ (Luke 7:21-22)

We’re happy to give you our first official report on an *HIV/AIDS project* being supported by Mocha Club, the *Living Hope Community Centre* on the South Peninsula of Cape Town, South Africa. With a large contribution from Mocha Club funds and due to your ongoing help, a new branch of Living Hope was just opened in October for the people of the Ocean View community.


Most of the people being served by Living Hope are very poor patients and families infected or affected by HIV/AIDS and TB, chronic illness, disabilities, or substance abuse. *Most of these people live in areas where there is _no other_ access to medical services*. Can we even wrap our Western minds around that? In a country where there’s another doctor’s office on every corner, and we have access to almost any medicine we’d need, how do we understand the needs of the South African people and how some simple funds from the US can bless them so much?

And how about the new building for the Ocean View facility? 2½ years ago when a bank gave the unwanted building to Living Hope, it was completely in ruins and littered with drug paraphernalia and earmarked for demolition. If the walls could talk, they would relate the heart-breaking stories of many residents who had trekked to this place only to have their lives shattered and broken.

Today… the Living Hope Ocean View building is a home to residents and can bring *”hope, healing, joy, care, upliftment, direction, purpose, and God to the people of Ocean View.”* Children’s clubs have begun so that children can learn life-skills that include tools to prevent AIDS and say “no” to the drugs that many kids around them are using.
The Good News of Jesus Christ is being spread in a life-changing way, and a community is being revitalized.
Thank you, Mocha Club friends, for helping make this happen!


This woman lives in Masiphumelele, a slum area near the Living Hope Center.
Her home is about 6″ X 6″, with a small bed for her and her two children.
This picture is in her home…

A view from Table Mountain in Cape Town…


*You can read specific stories of hope on the “Living Hope website”:http://www.livinghope.co.za/ .*

_All photos by “Jeremy Cowart”:http://jeremycowart.com ._

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