Mercy Home of Children April Update: Arts + Crafts, Singing, and Ongoing Challenges


_An update from Angela Namatovu, Director and Founder of Mercy Home of Children, which is being lovingly supported by Mocha Club funds…_



We have managed to record a DVD for the *Great Escape Team Choir*. Their music is currently being played on radio stations. The DVD is getting ready to be played on television stations. Here’s a photo of the children during their practice at the orphanage.

The *Mercy Crew Boys Band*, one of the music groups in Mercy Home which is comprised of *Prosper*, age 13, *Success*, age 15 and *Brian*, age 16, launched their songs at the orphanage on the 15th of April. Also on the 22nd of April, these boys went to minister in Mubende District where they led 25 people to Christ. This has helped these children to know who they are in Christ.

The *Mercy Football Club* made up of kids under age 12 participated in a football tournament which was organized in Kajjansi, and they emerged the 1st runners up.

Art and Crafts:

This month we have been constructing a small hut for art and craft pieces made by the kids at the orphanage.
The hut is going to be a shop for selling crafts. One of our boys named *Salvation Joseph*, 14-yrs-old, is very talented in clay sculpting and is currently making moldings to sell in the shop. Here is Salvation Joseph with some of the pieces he made out of clay. One of our objectives is to uplift the children’s talents.

Child Testimony:

In one of our Sunday services, *Sembajjwe Siraje*, 12-years-old (pictured to the right), stood up in church to give his testimony. This was his first time to speak to the congregation. He even performed a special song and dance.

*Angela Namatovu*, the Director of Mercy Home of Children, visited Lira, which is in the Northern part of Uganda. The northern area is politically unstable due to rebel activities which have made thousands of children homeless and some have been abducted as child soldiers [you may have heard the term “invisible children”]. Above is a photo of Angela with children at one of the camps.


Although we have had many achievements, we still have been with a lot of challenges this month.

We have been facing a problem of malaria due to the fact that it’s a rainy season, and Mercy Home is by the lake. We have provided mosquito nets but they are getting worn out and full of holes which let in mosquitoes. Many of the kids are off and on with coughs, worms and fever.

There has been much increase in the prices of some food items, and this has affected us, as we spend more on food than other things like medication. The prices have actually doubled the normal prices.

We have a problem of textbooks for the kids that we home-school. For us to be on the standard level of other schools we need to help them catch up. So there is a need for scholastic materials. The kids are currently on their holidays for 3 weeks, and school will resume on May 22nd.

We once again thank you so much for the wonderful work you do for Mercy Home of Children.

God bless you all,

Yours in Service

*Angela Namatovu



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