Income for Healthcare Workers in Victoria Falls


Dear faithful Mocha Club friends,

We wanted to introduce all of you to a new project we’re supporting in the town of *Victoria Falls*, which is on the border of *Zimbabwe* and *Zambia*.

You might have heard of Victoria Falls, which is one of the “Seven Natural Wonders of the World.” Who would have known that a place holding one of the world’s biggest tourist attractions would be in between two countries where *25%* (Zimbabwe) and *20%* (Zambia) of the population is living with AIDS?

Through the generous support of those of you in our HIV/AIDS clubs, we’ve been able to start *Income-Generating Projects (“IGP’s”)* for volunteer home-based healthcare workers who are HIV-positive. These healthcare workers are not paid, because there are so few jobs in Victoria Falls. In America, we usually get a paying job first before we started volunteering, right? But there, it is the opposite. These HIV-positive healthcare workers are working for no wages, in the homes of others who are also HIV-positive.

_So, how will these people make a living?_

As a solution, we decided to create *Income-Generating Projects* for these volunteer healthcare workers so they can be empowered to generate income for themselves and their families. As we’re helping them generate income, these people will be freed up to serve even more vigorously. All of these healthcare workers are doing these new IGP’s together.

The following update about these projects is from our trusted national leader for Zimbabwe and director of all of Southern Africa, *Agrippa Dube*.


Dear faithful supporters,

God is good all the time. Finally we have made our dream come true in Victoria Falls. As we met with Vic Falls Project Committee in May to present money for the income-generating projects [IGPs], the men responded with these words: _”We have seen many organizations and individuals coming here to take photos, and promises are made but nothing had come of it. This is the most practical ministry we have ever seen. We did not promise our groups in fear of what had happened before. Now let us go and call the projects people and tell them the miracle that has happened.”_

As we approached the groups at their homes they could not believe their eyes. The money had come and they were to be helped. They was joy and jubilee as they sang and danced and some even broke in tears saying, _”Is there any one who can think of us! Who are we to be visited by the Lord this way!”_ I wished you were there to testify of that for yourselves.

All the project members received a week-long financial training so they could learn how to effectively run their projects in God’s way. This was successful and helpful to those people who did not have any knowledge of what they were doing.

We have disbursed funds to the following projects:

These we gave funds for a vegetable market venture. Their job is to order vegetables from farms at around Nyamandlovu and then wholesale these to vegetable market stand owners at the Chinotimba market.

*SIYAZANA KITCHEN* (10 members)
These people sell meals and lacked capital to boost their stock(to buy bulk) as a means of improving their cash flow and profitability. We allocated them funds to buy a beast for meat and also to buy more mealie-meal being their major raw materials.

*N.M.M. WIDOWS PROJECT* (3 families)
These widows have passports. They needed a cash start to engage in cross border trade. Their method of operation is that they source orders for their goods before going down South to buy the items. South African goods and gadgets are on demand here. We allocated them funds for their project.


These are ladies that are engaged in rearing chickens. Chickens find a ready market at lodges, hotels and indeed individual homes. We allocated them funds to being working capital as they already have the infra-structure to build their business.

We are monitoring progress of these before bringing other projects on board. At the moment we inundated with requests for financial assistance from many people in our town. Thank you so much for your generous support in helping these people.


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