Micro-Lending Workshop for HIV+ Friends in Kenya

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You might remember this recent blog update about Providing Food for our HIV+ Friends in Kenya. We’re happy to report that the director of this work in Kenya, Peter Odero, has another update on a recent workshop on micro-lending for people in HIV/AIDS support groups within the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

Remember, *micro-lending* is helping people develop their own businesses through a mini-loan program.

_From Peter Odero…_

We owe all this due to the support we have so far received from African Leadership through your positive response! Thank you for everything!

*Follow-up Meetings:*

At the end of the five-day training workshop the trainees immediately resolved to unite themselves for a weekly follow-up meeting to help monitor and evaluate their attitude, practice and commitment towards the proposed micro-lending project.


Members of this new group have conducted an election among themselves and came up with group leaders who will help in leading group activities on a regular basis.

The following are some of the challenges facing our organization at the moment:

  • Need for continuous counseling of the HIV/AIDS affected families.
  • Need for support to the HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Need for regular Health and Nutrition Education to the PLWHA and Home Based Care Givers.
  • Need for appropriate office space and meeting centre.


We have realized tremendous achievements in the following areas:

  • Reduction of stigma and discrimination.
  • Increased awareness of individuals’ own vulnerability through education and training seminars.
  • Increased participation in HIV/AIDS activities by the community members.
  • Increased support from the local community.
  • Increased establishment of more HIV/AIDS group chapters within the community.

On *July 31, 2006*, there will be a meeting to include all the 170 family households that benefited from food distribution with funds donated by African leadership. We also wish to extend the same invitation to a few Church leaders, Community leaders and Local Administration officers who greatly supported us during the food distribution occasions.

We shall continue to encourage our members to exhibit compassion that reflects the character of Christ. We are aware of the power of prayer against the forces of darkness, hence encourage all our members to be involved in intense prayers, compassion and service.

With kind regards.

Thank you.

Peter G. Odero

HEKO (Heritage Kenya Organization)

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