Mercy Home in Uganda: The Hope of Africa Is The Children Of Africa


photo by Daina Goodwin

This update was written by Angela Namatovu, director of the Mercy Home of Children near Kampala, Uganda.


Mercy Home of Children’s choir, “The Great Escape Team,” recently recorded a music DVD about life on the streets. In this DVD, the children went back out to the streets and portrayed what they went through on the streets. They chose to do this so that they can make people aware of what street children really go through and to help people realize that they need to stop ignoring these children and help them. Recently this DVD was released and is now being played on National Television. We hope by doing this we can raise awareness and that community people and the government will raise up and help get these children off the streets.


This month has been full of new blessings, one of which was the arrival of several new children. Last year, one of our new children who was not fully rehabilitated, decided he wanted to go back to the streets of Kampala. Several times while in Kampala, we would see him and invite him back, but he was not ready. Recently he called and asked to come back. Upon his arrival, he came with some of his friends. His friends after a couple of days went and got some of their friends also and brought them to Mercy Home. What started with 5 kids has now grown to 15 new children in Mercy Home. These children are very good kids and they are really trying hard to change and adapt to their new life in Mercy Home. They are already involved in different activities at the orphanage like brick making and the choir. We believe if given a chance, these children can really have a bright future.


We would like thank African Leadership for their donation towards food at Mercy Home of Children. Food is always a major challenge for us, but this month, God blessed us and we had no problem providing for the children. Thank you very much for joining hands with us and helping us take care of these wonderful children.


School has once again begun. This is the last term for this year. It began 3 weeks ago and the children will finish in November. Once again we would like to thank African Leadership and the Mocha Club for their donation to the kids’ school fees. Putting 135 kids in school is not easy, especially in Africa since we do not have Government schools. One thing I realize though is we serve a faithful God and if you are doing what he has told you to do, He will provide. Because of African Leadership and the mocha club the Children are in school and doing well.


At Mercy Home of Children we have guesthouses for volunteers that come. They also have their own separate toilets and showers. All the showers had cold water and the toilets were African style. Thanks to African Leadership, currently we are installing modern toilets and a hot water heater so that our volunteers can have a more comfortable stay during their visit. We hope by doing this we will be able to host more volunteers and that they feel more at home during their stay.


We started a vocational class in brick making for some of our older children who are not able to go to school. Currently we have 20 kids who are involved and they have made approximately 10,000 bricks. Soon we will be firing the bricks and then we will use them to build a storage building on the property. The children are really enjoying it. They are out there every morning at 7 and they work most days until 5. It is really teaching them responsibility and that if they just put forth effort, they can have a good skill that will help them get a good job when they are older.


In Faithful Service,

Angela Namatovu


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