How much does LIFE cost in Darfur?

The essentials of life in Darfur are far different from the “essentials” in America. If you are in a club supporting the refugees of Darfur, Sudan, your $7 a month is providing planeloads of relief supplies including “Life Packs” that consist of the following items. You might be amazed to see how little it costs in U.S. Dollars to provide life to a Darfur refugee…

Insecticide Treated Mosquito Net 100% Polyester 5x6x4 with power tab retreatment kit $5.90
Bar soap 800gm 0.60
Cooking pot 8 litre 16 gauge,
1.4cm thickness, with lid 0.7mm
Cooking pot 6 litre 16 gauge,
1.4cm thickness, with lid 0.7mm
Collapsible Jerrican 12 litre capacity 2.20
Aluminum soup plate 22 cm (2 pcs per kit) 0.70
Aluminum mugs 500 ml (2 pcs per kit) 0.70
Aluminum bowl 18 cm (2 pcs per kit) 0.70
Sewing kit-pack of needles and thread – 1000 yds 0.30
Serving spoon – Large size stainless steel 0.70
Iodized Salt 500 gm – Key salt brand finely ground 0.10
Panga / Machete 16″ 1.00
Polypropylene Bags with logo 0.35
Fishing Hooks No. 7 (100 pcs) 2.50
Fishing Twines Roll 500g, 21ply 2.60
Unimix 0.55
Groundnuts 1.10
TOTAL $28.20

Click here to see a video of our work in Darfur.

Click here if you want to do more for the refugees in Darfur.

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