Keeping Zimbabwe orphans in school

Our national director in Zimbabwe has provided this report on the orphans you are supporting there. Can you believe how far your dollars can go to provide for these children?

2007 began with a dark cloud where people could not see where they are going with every basic commodity going up each day. The greatest shock was the school fees which shot up by 4 000% and above. This has thrown out thousands of school children – not only orphans but those with both parents too. Orphans are in big trouble because there is no one who can part with large amounts of monies paying for a child who is not his.

When I visited schools to pay the fees, I found that most of our supported orphans did not turn up for school with the fear that we would not afford the payment of their school fees. When the news got to them that they should come back to school, there were tears of joy and surprise, and those who struggled to pay fees were now the first to register. The community salutes African Leadership for its unwavering support. Joy and celebrations were seen in the face of both scholars and teachers saying, “We have never come across the organization that is so sacrificial and reliable as you are.”

Here is how we’ve used your support so far in 2007:

Tohwe Secondary School 950 000
Mdutshane Primary School 149 100
Dulutsha Primary School 127 500
Hawuke Primary School 66 000
Siganda Primary School 119 000
Siganda Secondary School 1 173 800
Dabengwa Secondary School 522 600
Nkosikazi Primary School 39 000
Balanda Primary School 400 000
Sijauke Primary School 100 000
Sijauke Secondary School 288 000
Cycle ‘C’ Primary School 190 000
Nhlambabaloyi Sec School 78 000
Zimisele Sec School 120 000
Sojini Sec School 11 000
Madlelenyoni Secondary School 289 000
Individuals 130 000
TOTAL 4 773 000 = US $2,386.00
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