New uniforms for Living Hope

The following is an update from Living Hope Community Centre near Cape Town, South Africa. Living Hope is provided support by those of you in clubs with an HIV/AIDS focus.


One of the most exciting sights in Africa is that of groups of school children, smartly dressed in their matching uniforms as they run to and from school. The uniform is a badge of belonging and represents both the pride of accomplishment and their future hopes. When a child’s guardians cannot afford that coveted uniform, it sets off a chain of anxiety for both parent and child because of what it could mean. With this in mind, Living Hope is pleased to provide shirts, pants, dresses and blouses to needy children in the after school Children’s Club in the Red Hill settlement. Children’s Clubs are part of Living Hope’s Prevention Programme, aimed at educating children at the earliest possible time with spiritual truths and lifestyle choices to help them avoid HIV and AIDS.

Luyolo Mali (pictured below) was one of several children who received school clothes. Luyolo recently moved to Red Hill from the Eastern Cape after his mother died in January. He came here to be with his grand mother who is HIV positive and is on ARV treatment, however she does not work.


Thulisa Siyo (pictured below) stands proudly in front of her house in her new school dress. Everyone calls her Nana. She attends club faithfully and, Zoleka Nolokwe, Living Hope staffer, says Thulisa is a big help to the younger kids. She is one of the more fortunate children. Her mother has a job but it is only three days a week. Both Luyolo who is going through a difficult time, Thulisa, and all of the kids involved there, need your prayerful support.



Every day, Home Based careperson Ngqba Nonkosinathi and Nurse Daphne Carter walk around Red Hill to care for sick people. Most of their patients suffer from tuberculosis and HIV and AIDS. They check them for side effects from pills, make sure they get their medication and help them with good nutrition and hygiene. These Living Hope staffers enjoy their work and love both the wonderful Atlantic Ocean views and the beautiful gardens of the residents there.


We thank God for all who faithfully give to Living Hope monthly and for those who volunteer their time and ministry to us. We need your continued support so that more people with HIV and AIDS can be helped and even more guided away from this pandemic.

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