Breakfast for Grace Orphanage Orphans

We thought we’d share some testimonies with you from the orphans you’re supporting at Grace Orphanage in Sunyani, Ghana. They are so thankful for your support. Even just the simple gift of food for breakfast means so much in their day-to-day…

“The money you have been given to me to buy food and the school has been a great moral help. It has been helping me to come to school all the time. My parents are poor and cannot give me food every morning, when I am going to school. But through this program I have been eating every morning when I come to school.” – Atta Kwame, Junior High, Odumasi Meth (J.H. 1)

“At first, I sometimes come to school with empty stomach to learn. But now because of the program African Leadership is running in my school, I eat every morning and I am happy to be in school.” – Asuman Patrick, Odumasi Meth Primary School (Primary 5).





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