The Rocks Cry Out.

We thought you’d enjoy this update from our partners in Sudan. What a great reminder of God’s hand in all things. Thank you for being an instrumental part of helping us rebuild and regrow Sudan with our partners on the ground.

The Rocks Cry Out
by Matt Chancey

Whenever I go to Africa, my heart is to bless others. Yet, whenever I go, I seem to end up coming away with the greatest blessing. I want to share one of these blessings with you.

The “road” to the Kiir River was bumpy and windy. Clouds of dust billowed behind our vehicle as we slowly progressed through Southern Darfur in 130 degree heat.
I was crammed, along with several ministry partners and armed SPLA troops, inside a rickety old Land Cruiser, driven by a genocide survivor from Darfur. On the tailgate, someone had painted a portrait of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara.
Among the team members was Patrick Kapuka of World Vision. We had invited Patrick as a geology expert to our refugee compound in Jach to survey the possibility of long-term sustainable agricultural programs. Then we headed to another refugee camp on the Kiir, inside Darfur, to review conditions there.

Matt March 2007 Photos 030

Matt Chancey (far left) with Patrick Kapuka (extreme right) near the Darfur border

I pocketed a few stones, and we continued up to the river.
That night at our base camp, I sat under a dazzling canopy of stars. With no light pollution, the night sky in Sudan is breathtaking. I couldn’t stop thinking about the stones and the truth of God’s Word. The Flood really did cover the whole earth, and I held the evidence in my hand.

God gave us rainbows to remind us that he would never again destroy the earth with a flood. But the rocks are a sobering reminder that a global judgment did indeed take place.
Sin has consequences. But the same God who judged Noah’s world provided the rainbow. He also gave us a Redeemer who did what even a global flood was unable to do. He washed away our sins.
Whenever I look at one of these ocean rocks from the desert, I rejoice again in my incredible salvation. And I hope, as you read this, you will too.

Darfur Rock

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