Two planeloads of relief supplies for Darfur!

Nothing short of a miracle…

On August 9th, we received word from our partners on the ground in the village of Jach in Darfur, Sudan that the area had turned into a swamp because of endless rains. That meant that the men, women, and children could not be reached with the emergency relief supplies that YOU, our Mocha Club members, have helped provide! This was discouraging because the warehouse in Kenya was overflowing with food, medicine, blankets, shelter tarps and mosquito nets – yet the plane sat idle on the tarmac unable to leave. But God provided a way!

Two days later, our team sent word that the airstrip in Darfur was landable and the plane left with all of the supplies! Every area where the plane flew was cloudy and threatening rain, but we trusted in the Lord to keep the rain away. He held the rain and our plane landed safely with the supplies in the village of Jach.

As they were unloading the supplies, it started drizzling. However, soon after the team finished unloading, the pilots were ready to take off again, and as they were turning the plane, the front wheels hit a mud pit and the nose of the plane nearly touched the ground. The plane had dug down into a 2 foot hole and you could hardly see the wheels. The whole village was there with hoes, spades, machetes and other digging tools to rescue the plane but not even a push could help move it. And the more they pushed, the more it sank.

Everyone worked to dig the wheels out until 9 pm that night. The pilots had no choice but to spend a night in the village with the plane on the ground. The next day the sky was very clear, and all the men from the village were there very early in the morning to push and dig.

At about 1pm, the plane was finally pushed out of the mud pit! The plane moved to the runway slowly under strict supervision and off it took, the whole field full of screams and shouts of merriment and joy!

The next day, Sunday, we were blessed again with clear and sunny skies, and the second flight with African Leadership/Mocha Club relief items landed in Jach at 10 am!

Because of these relief supplies, you have provided…

  • Mosquito nets – huge need because of massive mosquito breeding
  • Blankets – it is now very cold in Darfur
  • Tarps – temporary shelter for the new refugees arriving in the area
  • Medicine – during rain season, many type of diseases are encountered – stomach problems, coughs, malaria, diarrhea, skin infections etc.
  • Food – many families in Jach are hungry and some cases of people dying of starvation were reported

Thank you, Mocha Club friends, for making this possible!

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