New Sterile Surgical Unit for Refugees

We’re excited to announce a new Sudan project that Mocha Club is helping support: a new sterile surgical unit for villagers living on the border of Darfur in Nyamlel, Sudan. Mocha Club is currently helping maintain this village, where refugees, community children, and orphans can live safely. Most of the orphans at this village were orphaned by the same Janjaweed that attacked southern Sudan and are now attacking Darfur. You can see Nyamlel on this map. Click on the map to see larger views:

NLM on Sudan Map jpeg
Why is a sterile surgical unit needed? Here’s a good example: a child in the area found a grenade that blew his hand off. It took a day’s travel by car to get him to a place capable of handling this. By walk it would be 3 days. A really big problem is once rainy season comes…there is no getting out because they can’t get over the rivers, and there are no bridges. Rainy season typically begins in November. The new sterile surgical unit will cost $150,000 and will provide a facility for much needed caesarian section deliveries, fistula surgeries and other traumas. Access will be free and open to all!

Currently, our medical clinic is the only clinic available for the people in our ministry area. People walk for days to get to this clinic.

During the winter 2007 Meningitis epidemic, hundreds died because by the time they were able to get to the clinic, it was too late to successfully treat them. Our partners on the ground in Sudan also brought emergency aid this past year for a meningitis outbreak in Southern Sudan and worked with partnering organizations to vaccinate 300,000 villagers and treat those who were contaminated.

Our clinic not only serves our widows and orphans but is also offered freely to the community. We first began three years ago with a plastic table and blanket under a tree. Last year we built a mud tukle. The clinic is currently staffed with an indigenous licensed nurse, pharmacists and two technicians. We also have a stateside medical team that visits the area to provide ongoing medical oversight and training.

The design of the clinic allows for private medical examination rooms as well as an interior waiting area to protect the sick while they wait to be seen. It also has full pharmaceutical capacity to protect and dispense all medicines. A generator will supply enough power for running water to be pumped from our pure water well to maintain sanitary conditions within the clinic.

Thank you for helping us continue this good work for the Sudanese.

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