Update from village of Nyamlel, Sudan

The village of Nyamlel in Sudan is where you have helped us complete the Girls’ Dormitory and the Boys’ Dormitory is in progress. Here’s an update as of February 5th, 2008 on what’s going on in the village. Please note how lives are being changed through relationships, and your support helps make that happen.


The emphasis for this year’s mission is developing spiritual depth with the children and women. In the last two years, our team has had several to say they wanted Christ Jesus as their God. Now that we have met physical needs of providing food, shelter (for the girls) and a fence around the compound, the people are interested to know why we have come from so far away to do this work. The next steps we envision are to deepen their spiritual lives in order to raise up a generation who seeks after the Living God. So, please pray for this.


Also, this year has been an unusual rainy season. Normally, by this time of year, the weather is hotter and dryer. Although it is not raining there, it is damper than usual and cooler. Also, normally as it turns to dry season, the hyenas move on to other areas, but our team said that last night, they could hear the hyenas howling outside the fence. We are so thankful for the fence as the hyenas and wild dogs cannot get into the compound now. Your support has built the fence that secures the safety of the girls. However, the boys are still outside the fence at night. Pray for the safety of the boys outside the fence and the building and completion of the boys’ dorm for this year.


Through the women’s team, the women in Nyamlel been confronted with the difference between what is ‘Dinka’ culture and what is Christian culture. Initially, there was resistance. A few of the women have received and accepted this. However, there will be an ongoing need for the women to understand what it means to follow Christ in their culture. Please pray for this group of women to give up their pride and humble themselves to follow Christ and not the Dinka culture.


The funds we provide cannot do anything without the teams on the ground in Sudan. Please pray for them as they work tirelessly for these women and orphans. Pray for good health and for the love of God to continue to be spread among these Sudanese.

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