Meet some of our partners in South Africa…

We thought you might want to meet some of the staff at Living Hope Community Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, one of our Mocha Club partners who ministers to the HIV/AIDS community.



Moroesi Tsoai is the new Chaplain at Living Hope Community Centre. Her middle name is “Fortunate” which means blessed and happy. Her mother realized she was a special gift from God to do God’s work because she almost died in childbirth. “I wanted to be an actress,” says Moroesi, but God has other plans for now. Raised in a Christian home with a pastor for a father, she always knew about Jesus Christ but made her own decision when she was 14.

She followed the call to ministry. “God has given me an opportunity to give more love to those who would otherwise be treated as the outcasts of society, in order to lead them to Christ,” she says and especially of women in need. “If the women are in trouble, this has a huge effect on our society,” she says, and it is women who are most affected by HIV. She is thrilled to be at Living Hope and approaches each day with a sense of anticipation. Her beautiful smile and energy are a joy to see.



When Shagmie warns young people about the dangers they face if they take drugs he knows what he is talking about. Shagmie is one of 21 Living Hope Life Skills Educators who work in primary schools in the South Western Cape urging students to live their lives responsibly. Shagmie not only used drugs, he sold them to young people like the ones to whom he now speaks. He says at first it began with a small amount which he believed he could control. He also used the drugs in a hunger for a father’s love for which he was desperate. The drugs soon controlled his life to a point where he said, “I hated life.” A stint at rehab failed, but, moved by the change he saw in another person’s life, he opened his heart and accepted Christ.

“Today, four years later, I am drug-free and working with children and helping them make positive decisions,” he says. “I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I had to, so with the help of God I can tell young people my story and help them.”

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