GUEST BLOG: 'Guilt Into Gratitude' by Marisa Van Houten

Our Mocha Club Events Coordinator, Marisa Van Houten, traveled to Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia in July to see Mocha Club projects.

Goma IDP camp - Gulu

Marisa at an IDP camp in Gulu, Uganda

It’s so easy to take a trip to Africa and leave feeling guilty and helpless. We compare our lives the only way we know how – by a material measure of stuff and stature.

So how do I come back to America and not be plagued with guilt?

The answer? By turning that guilt into gratitude. I can be grateful for the life I have been given – for the opportunities, for the provision, and most of all – for the position of influence. Because we live in America, with numerous outlets of communication and technology at our fingertips, we have the ability to share. We have been given the chance to influence our communities to join us – to flesh out the Africa our friends just hear about on the news. We can share pictures, because we have seen their faces and held their hands. We can share stories, because we have sat, listened, and spent time with them. We can encourage people to give of their time, their talents, and their money, because we have seen how far those things go, and we have seen the lives that are changed because we choose to consider others better than ourselves.

There is a song lyric I love that says, “Now that I have seen, I am responsible.” I have seen…and I am responsible. I’m responsible for doing my part to make change…to offer hope…to bring healing. I am so grateful to work with Mocha Club, and offer a tangible way for others to feel connected to the wave of hope that is spreading across Africa…wiping away injustice and replacing it with peace.

So don’t feel guilty – feel grateful. And let that gratitude lead you to give…of your $7, of your heart.

…Joyfully Responsible right along with you.


>>VIEW PHOTOS from Marisa’s trip.

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