Water wells & kitchen gardens

For three years, several thousand refugees from the genocide in Darfur have huddled in and around the community of Jach, which is located just south of the Darfur border. Jach is a wilderness, making it very hard for survival. Temperatures can easily reach 130 degrees during the day. Until recently, the refugees had no dependable water supply. However, Mocha Club and African Leadership have helped fund the drilling of 20 clean water wells recently! New wells were dug next to the medical clinic, school sites, church, landing strip and other strategic locations. Our partners in Sudan have also begun to buy “bowsers” (110-gallon donkey carts) to transport water to those who do not have access to a well and to help irrigate the growing number of “kitchen gardens” being planted every year.


Women in Jach enjoying the well

With this new water supply comes the opportunity for sustainable agriculture programs in the area. Mocha Club is now helping provide the supplies for the refugees of Jach to grow “kitchen gardens” – a variety of vegetables that will be the easiest to harvest and will best enhance the health and diet of the local people, including:

* Tomato
* Okra
* Pumpkin
* Onion
* Watermelon
* Sweet potato
* Ground Nuts

A half acre plot is being used to cultivate 10 kitchen gardens maintained by 10 families. This plot of land can potentially yield enough vegetables for 500 people or the equivalent of 100 families! These kitchen gardens will supplement the refugee food supply, thereby greatly increasing health standards and saving many lives. The ground is hard, and the tools are elementary. But the people are determined, hard working and tenacious. And the result is a sustainable food supply in a wilderness that the United Nations declared didn’t even have any water.


working the soil


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