Floods in Southern Sudan

Please remember our friends in Sudan as they face unimaginable challenges right now…

Floods leave 40,000 more people homeless in Southern Sudan!
AWEIL, SOUTHERN SUDAN. Heavy rains in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal have caused the Kuom river to overflow in the town of Aweil, driving tens of thousands of people into the bush. This is in addition to 50,000 who fled the fighting in May between government and southern troops in the oil-rich Abyei district.

As conditions deteriorate, high water levels increase the threat of cholera, typhoid and malaria.

The UN recently announced that Sudan ranks in its top ten list of “Hunger’s Global Hotspots.” At the same time, citing “relentless” attacks on food convoys, along with severe budget shortfalls, its World Food Programme threatened to stop air services to Darfur this week. More than 300 humanitarian agencies depend on UN flights, which currently deliver emergency supplies to three million people.

“We currently serve over 80,000 Darfur refugees and IDPs in the Bahr el-Ghazal region,” said Brad Phillips, president of the Persecution Project Foundation [one of African Leadership’s partners in Sudan]. “Although they may not be directly affected by the WFP cutbacks, more refugees in Darfur will flee to our area of operations on the border, putting a greater strain on our resources. We’re going to need all the help we can get.”

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