A plea for widows and orphans in Sudan

We received this story from one of our partners on the ground in Sudan, Kimberly Smith, in the village of Nyamlel.

We went to two Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps. The camps we visited and assessed today were full of a combination of Darfurees trying to flee the persecution and genocide as well as local farmers whose land has been flooded out by this unusually brutal raining season. The desert is flat; there is nowhere for the water to run.

What we found in the camps were literally thousands of widows, orphans and all manner of broken families suffering starvation and disease and drinking water only from cesspools on the road side. After fleeing their homes, they now scramble to find grass to weave a thatch shelter or a tarp to protect themselves from the harsh rains. The women were picking leaves from the trees and boiling them in a small pot over an open fire so that they had something to put in the bellies of their babies. Most do not have tarps to keep the scorching sun or the pounding rain from their heads. Instead, they simply sit with their nursing babies on the roadside awaiting some form of help that seems to never come.


Widow in front of her “house” with her five children

Of the huge crowd present, one woman (Fabo) stepped forward as their spokesperson. Fabo said, “We have had our husbands to be killed by the Arabs. They have killed most of our children. Many of our women have been raped to death. We have so many orphans among us. Now, we survivors sit here on the road, waiting for help. We thank God you have come. We pray you will help us.”

Please continue to give sacrificially and remember these widows in your thoughts and prayers. To help them, we need:

  • thousands of tarps
  • additional medicine
  • to drill at least two fresh wells
  • water filters to disperse for them

Thank you for serving the Sudan people with us.

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