"We Are Hungry!"

We received this story from one of our partners on the ground in Sudan, Kimberly Smith, in the village of Nyamlel.

Yesterday, en-route to the Internally Displaced People’s (IDP) camp, we slowed down the Land Cruiser so that the videographer who was with us could get some footage of people who had squatted along the roadside and tried to build make-shift shelters. There had been terrible rain storms the previous night so many were huddled under one set of sheets strung up by branches they had cut down in the bush.

As the Land Cruiser slowed, one man stood up and began shouting. He raised his hands to his mouth in desperation, mimicking eating. He cried out, “WE ARE HUNGRY! FEED US! THERE IS NOTHING FOR US TO EAT! WE ARE HUNGRY!”

Knowing that we had no food or anything to give him, the videographer quickly shut the window as the man rushed at the Land Cruiser. The hungry man bashed his fist against the window. Again he shouted, “We are hungry!”

[Local partner] James jumped out of the Land Cruiser and tried to talk with the man, explaining that we had nothing to give him today. We are trying to record the situation so that we can share it with other people who might share what they have to help others.

There was no consoling the man. He was hungry today. His children were starving today. He could not wait for weeks or months for food to come. He became all the more angry with our empty words and once again shouted, “WE ARE HUNGRY!” and added, “PEOPLE DON’T SEE US! WE ARE HUNGRY!”

As we drove away, we looked across the dirt road upon which we had been driving. Almost directly across the road from where this hungry man (and many others) huddled from the rains was a huge tent full of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) food. Inside the WFP storehouse we could see there was a huge stock pile of sorghum, grains and cooking oil. The UN or WFP only ‘drops’ the food, and there are no UN troops here to oversee distribution. So it lies in the hands of corrupt leaders and business who will not release it to those starving from the genocidal government’s control and now the severe flooding.

Once again, we are reminded that lasting help only comes through action. We are committed to remain on the ground, overseeing justice of distribution and sharing a Gospel of Hope for those to whom He has led us to serve.

We appreciate your love, support and prayers for they truly shore us up during our long days.

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