Orphans in Kitui, Kenya

We wanted to introduce you to some of the orphans in Kitui, Kenya who we’ve been able to help support through Mocha Club. There are 21 children between the ages of 4-18 in this area. They are considered orphans since both of their parents have died of AIDS and they have no other relatives who can provide for them. Through Mocha Club and African Leadership, we are also able to help provide support for a social worker there who reports back to us on how the children are doing! Your support helps provide things like school fees, uniforms, shoes, and medical attention when necessary.

Meet Rose and her grandchildren…

Rose and her grandchildren

Rose Musunza in Kitui, Kenya lost her husband about 20 years ago, and 8 years ago, she lost her son with his wife to AIDS. Her son left behind three children under the care of their 79 year old grandmother who was a housewife in a very poor Kitui village. The three children are Rose (11 yrs old, in class 6), her brother Mwania (10 yrs old, in class 5) and brother Musunza (9 year old, in class 5). Two years ago, Rose was desperately looking for someone to take the children because she could not care, feed, or even clothe them. Rose is now the happiest women in the village to see her grandchildren not only being fed, clothed and taken care of, but also in school! She always refers to African Leadership as her redeemer, but of course we know it is God using our organization to reach out to that family.

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