Introducing 'Women At Risk'


We wanted to introduce to you a new project that Mocha Club is excited about helping fund, thanks to YOU! You are now helping us rehabilitate 50 former prostitutes or “sex workers” in the town of Nazaret, Ethiopia. The face of prostitution in Ethiopia, in general, is linked with deep poverty. As a result, many think that prostitution is their only hope. Women also deal with various social issues, including different levels of trauma they have experienced as early as childhood. Most young women go into prostitution because of lack of family support and a lack of income. From our experience, the women are desperate to leave this occupation, but are trapped by the lack of opportunities and rehabilitative support. Many women come from rural areas, especially those working at the lowest level of prostitution. This is because they have no education and are not necessarily street smart. Many women are second and third generation into the life of prostitution. According to a latest data released by HIV/AIDS Secretariate, the rate of HIV infection among women in prostitution is expected to be as high as 74%.

Our rehabilitation requires not only getting these women off the streets, but also counseling them through their heart issues and helping them find alternate vocations and income. These women will either make a start by setting up their own small business projects or they will submit their new qualifications to the attention of other employers. The example set by the mothers will obviously impact their children who will have new role models to follow, thus distancing themselves from the night-life of prostitution. The ultimate goal of our partner organization, “Ellilta – Women At Risk” is helping these women so that they remain healthy and become productive members of the society, through behavioral change and skill training. The program, Ellilta, is literally a shout of joy, such as during worship, weddings, or a new birth.

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