Job Creation project: Auto Educare Center almost done!

The Auto Educare Center that MC has helped fund in South Africa is almost complete! Our hope is that it will be operational by April. Here are some words from Young Ohm, African Leadership’s National Director for South Africa…

The auto repair training center is close to completion. It seems like a long time has passed. What has begun at the end of April last year is now unfolding to a finish. It’s in the process of being painted now, thanks to your prayer and cooperation! When we imagine the countless youths who will be trained here with the repairing techniques as well as with God’s word, we see hope! We want to see people transformed through this place. We want to bring up technicians who will, after graduating, take care of family and help the society. We want to raise those who repair with hearts towards loving people, who serve for the safety of people.




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