Living Hope: new school uniforms and 'real world' advice!

Here’s the most recent update from Living Hope Community Centre near Cape Town, South Africa, which is a facility Mocha Club helps support for those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS.

Just in time for school…


Before starting the 2009 school year, Living Hope was privileged to put a smile on many faces of children who did not have any school clothes or school supplies.

Living Hope Life Skills Educators in Ocean View, Red Hill, Masiphuimelele, Capricorn, Overcome Heights and Mountain View distributed school uniforms and stationary to 166 children for the beginning of this term.

These children would not have been able to attend school without these special gifts. We are so thankful to MC members whose donations made this opportunity possible. This is the sort of donation that enables teachers to make a difference in the lives of children in South Africa.


Living Hope children with their new school supplies!

“Real world” advice for college students…


As students begin to enter the “real world” after graduating from high school, most of them have a
choice. They can either take a gap year and look for a job if they are uncertain about
their future, or they can further their education by attending college. Whether it is being a chef, electrical
engineer or a fashion designer, students are determined to reach their goals
and not waste the money their parents have spent for tuition fees. For some of them, it’s
easy to achieve this goal, but for others it’s not. Many teenagers want to be part of the
crowd and are easily influenced.

Success really depends on choices in life, and some teenagers are easily led by friends
who sometimes influence them to make bad choices. This is especially true when it comes to
introducing them to drugs or even alcohol for the first time. Recently,
Living Hope Life Skills educators from the Muizenberg branch challenged these new
first-year college students on the issue of choices. Using himself as an example,
Shagmie Levendal warned them about the high cost if they chose drugs. “You could
end up all alone, on the streets, and begging for your next meal,” he said. The skit really
caught the attention of students and emphasized the need for God’s guidance. It showed
students how we usually run to God only when we need him but when it comes to
making choices we don’t consult Him.

Teachers were so impressed with Levendal’s message that they were asked to repeat the
program at the opening of their new college in Fish Hoek.

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