Meet more Kitui orphans…

Remember when we introduced you to the Kitui Orphans in Kenya that MC is helping support? We’d now like you to meet…


Musangi, Sindi, Katindi - orphans in Kitui, Kenya

These three girls in Kitui, Kenya finished primary school and passed very well to qualify them for their secondary school education! From left to right: Musangi Mutave, Sindi Ndemwa, and Katindi Ndunge.


The Mbilos

The parents of these three boys died when the oldest was only 10-years-old and the youngest was 5. These are the Mbilos, who are very bright kids at school with mean score performance of A and B in high school.

1. Felix Mbilo in the purple shirt is now 21-years-old and has completed his teacher college course. Before joining the college he had attained B in secondary school exam.

2. Simion Mbilo, who is the second born of the family, has finished his secondary school last year. His performance has been very impressive with a mean score of A, which means he is a university material.

3. Sammy Mbilo is now in form four, a very bright young man with also a mean score of A.

These three young men were rejected by the relatives after the death of the parents, but never allowed this to deter them from working hard to achieve high learning!

THANK YOU for helping give these young men and women a brighter future!

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