Phillip's Story

We received this story from our partners in Gulu, Uganda at the Village of Hope. We had to share it with you!

Phillip with his mother and sisterPhillip was filled with anger. He never felt safe and had a hard time fitting in with others. He always seemed to be waiting for something bad to happen. All these feelings are typical of someone who has survived the trauma of war. But when you are 5 years old, how do you deal with these feelings?

Phillip was born to a mother who was abducted by LRA Rebels when she was 13 yrs old (a “child mother”). She conceived him while she was being held captive. In his short life he has experienced gun battles, starvation, sickness, and he has witnessed killings. His mother attempted to escape from the rebels several times, finally succeeding on the third attempt along with her two children. They found themselves with nowhere to go. When she returned home, her parents were missing – her father had been murdered by the Rebels. People didn’t want her around because her children were born in the bush.

She came to Action International [Mocha Club partners in Gulu, Uganda who run the Village of Hope] in 2005 and found help for herself and her children. She joined the Butterfly Club ministry. She attended Bible studies and accepted Christ into her life. She learned to see her children as a gift from God and love them despite the circumstances of their birth. She received adult
education and skills training. Her children were able to attend the Nursery School at Village of Hope, which Mocha Club helped build.

When Phillip first came to class, he was wild and uncontrollable. He brought sharp objects to school and threatened other children. His teachers were patient and kind with him, showing him love. Many people started to pray for Phillip. Through the love and patience of his teachers, Phillip began to settle down. He learned that school was a safe place and that his teachers would love him no matter what he did. He tried their patience a lot during the first school term. By the end of third term, his behavior had improved and he succeeded in graduating from K3 to P1! Here is Phillip at his graduation:

Phillip on graduation day

His mother says she has noticed a change in him. He is no longer wild and angry. He always used to run and hide whenever he heard a helicopter or airplane because he was
afraid they would drop bombs on him. She says she can see how God has answered all the prayers for Phillip.

Phillip will be attending P1 at the new Primary School [that MC members helped build], newly constructed at the Village of Hope. There, vulnerable children like Phillip can receive a good education and have a chance for a future and healing of their emotional wounds.

THANK YOU for helping make this possible through your donations!

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