Report from Sudan: boys' orphanage supplies have arrived!

We just received this GREAT report from Kimberly Smith of Make Way Partners, our partnering organization in the village of Nyamlel, Sudan where we are helping build the boys’ orphanage. The truck with the final supplies for the boys dormitories at New Life Orphanage in Nyamlell have arrived! These are the last items needed for these dorms to open in about 3-4 weeks!

Kimberly landed in Sudan today. She said that it is hotter than she has ever seen it. The monsoonal rains have not begun as yet. The good news is that since the rains have not started, our trucks that were held at the border of Uganda for several weeks and just turned loose 10 days or so ago have reached our compound. Each truck made it with all of the supplies. This will allow the workers to finish the final piece of the boy’s dormitory.

It was quite an ordeal getting the supply trucks to Sudan to complete the orphanage construction! Here is the back story…

From April 29th…

Our trucks are still being held for the ransom “tax” at the border of Uganda and Southern Sudan. The government is telling us, along with hundreds of other trucks, that we must pay $28,000 PER TRUCK in “taxes” in order to enter the country. The trucks carry the precious cargo required to finish the home for nearly 250 of our orphan boys! They have now been sitting at the border for three weeks! Our drivers have sparse provisions, no sanitary conditions and limited food. Two of our drivers are very sick; one has fled back to Nairobi. James [Lual, one of our partners in the ground in Sudan] has delivered food, medicine and additional funds needed for the survival of these faithful men. For three weeks running, James has met with soldiers, diplomats and politicians trying to acquire permission for clearance. A new committee has been formed by the Southern Sudanese government to investigate the “taxation” issue. This week, James has sat in the office of the Chair of this committee for multiple days, refusing to leave until he was granted a hearing. Finally yesterday, the Chair gave him the much coveted letter with his seal granting FREE clearance for our trucks. Much politics still threatens safe passage, as now James must take this letter to the Gate Keepers, who hold our trucks and who we hope will honor the letter. Still, it is our first “movement” or progress in three weeks. Please pray that God works in the heart of the Gate Keepers to honor the clearance letter and that our drivers and trucks are released this very day! And, of course, continue to pray for James’ safety, strength and encouragement.

From May 1st…

My cell phone is set to the “vibrate” and “ring” mode. When it sounds off in the middle of the night, I normally run to the vibrating shrills expecting the worse. But, this night, James awakened me with great news! Although there remain hundreds of other trucks at the border, the Gate Keepers have honored the [above mentioned] letter and let our trucks cross into Sudan – WITHOUT PAYING A PENNY OF “TAXES”!

Our trucks are on their way to Nyamlel, even as I write. Life-saving supplies will be both delivered and received. By “delivered,” I mean that the building supplies for the boys’ orphanage will be delivered. By, “received,” I mean that our sick truck drivers will receive adequate care once they arrive at our clinic.

This means we lost a month of construction, but we are thankful it will carry on now and our boys will move into their new home by June.

We look forward to showing you the final photos when the boys’ orphanage is COMPLETED very SOON!

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