Annie blogging from South Africa!

Editor’s note: We’re excited to announce that one of our Mocha Club members and volunteers, Annie, will be blogging from Capetown, South Africa on the Mocha Club trip that leaves on May 28th! This is our first official “trip blogger” so please help us spread the word and check back for updates!

Next Thursday, I break a promise I made on January 5, 2007. I promised myself I would never go to Africa again.

I’m a wimp and Africa challenges that. I like the comfort of my own bed and my own life and Africa won’t let me have that. I don’t like to be hot and Africa is hot. I fear the questions that Africa raises in my heart and mind. So even though I enjoyed Ghana in 2006/2007, I got off the plane, looked at my mother, and said, “I am NEVER going back there.”

But I was wrong. I’m going back. And luckily, I’m not going alone. As you probably guessed, I’m going to South Africa with Mocha Club. There are ten of us going – seven ladies and three fellas. (Lucky dudes.)

And you don’t have to wait until we get home to hear stories of the trip. I’ll be blogging everyday of the trip (May 28-June 10) right here on the Mocha Club blog. You’ll be able to hear and see what our team is up to and keep up with the team members as many of us see South Africa for the first time. We’ll have pictures and videos too, hopefully, if we can figure out how to make the African internet work in our favor.

Most of our work will be in the township, Khayelitsha, outside of Cape Town. We will be constructing a Preschool Center/Sunday School for the mothers in the area who cannot afford to stay home with their children. This will allow the mothers to earn a living while having quality, free childcare for their children. We will also be spending time at the Living Hope Community Centre, which supports those infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS and Learn to Earn, a job-training program.

Yeah, my heart is in BIG. BIG. TROUBLE. In the best kind of way.

I’m super excited to get to go to Capetown with Mocha Club. As an MC member, and a volunteer, I see pictures and read emails and updates all the time about our projects. And I listen as other people talk about their experiences with Mocha Club projects in Africa. But I have no experiences of my own.

Until next week.

All that’s left to do is pack. Head back here Tuesday and I’ll update you on how THAT goes. I’m not what you might call the “best packer” – which means I find it hard to decide what to leave at home. I pack too much.

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