GUEST BLOG: "I Gained Skills for Life" by Kristen Smith

This summer we had the pleasure of welcoming 4 full-time interns onto our team.  They were a vital part of the work we do, and we are going to miss them!  The following is a blog by one of those interns, Kristen Smith.  Kristen is entering her senior year at the University of Tennessee, where she is a communications major.  She loves to bake and bring in yummy treats to the office (which we don’t mind one bit).

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Summer 2009 MC interns from L-R: Kurt (Hannah’s fiancé), Hannah, Kyle, and Kristen at an Andy Davis show in Nashville

Soon I will be reunited with all my friends in Knoxville, and the anticipation of another football season will sweep the campus faster than the mad cow epidemic. Yet, before I can start singing “Rocky Top” I must say goodbye to my Mocha Club family here in Nashville, which will not be an easy task.  For any of you considering getting involved in Mocha Club, whether by interning, being the campus rep for your school or simply becoming a member, I wish I possessed more hands to give you the proper amount of thumbs up you deserve.

This summer I have not only gained career skills, but skills for life. There was not a single day that I didn’t enjoy coming to the office. I’ve never worked with such great people who truly care about making a difference. Their passion for people is commendable and their heart for missions and Africa has challenged my selfish motives.

Mocha Club exists to empower people who feel powerless – and I’m not just talking about the lives changed in Africa – but those here in America who don’t have double or triple digits to give to good causes, or the young people who lack the tools and resources to make a difference on their own.

So to every member reading this, I want to reassure you just how much your $7 makes a difference. Because of you, children are off the streets, and students are in new schools. Because of you, sick HIV/AIDS patients are receiving the medical treatment they need to live. Because of you, child mothers are not only receiving job training and education but a new chance at life.  I will end there before I break out into the chorus of “We are the Champions.”

So to Barrett, Christine, Marisa, Missy, Emily, Allison, Annie & Lauren – Thank you for taking me in & loving me like family.  And to Kyle, Katie, Hannah & Caroline – Thanks for the laughter, adventures, wisdom, encouragement & ice cream. Africa 2010!

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