Team members visit New Dawn School in Nairobi

In July, an African Leadership/Mocha Club trip team visited some of the projects we help support in Kenya, including the New Dawn School in Nairobi that Mocha Club helped build!  The school opened in its new buildings on March 21st, 2009.

New Dawn School serves the needs of poor and/or orphaned children of Huruma and Githogoro slums in Nairobi.  Within the neighborhood, there was a very high dropout rate due to poverty and lack of an affordable and accessible secondary school. This hopelessness led to risky and anti-social behavior among the youth. New Dawn was founded to bridge the gap for the need of a secondary school and to rekindle hope among these slum dwellers.  They started out with 80 students, but thanks to the new facility, there are currently 150 students in the Secondary School.

62b (Large)

One of the classrooms at New Dawn (photo by Natalina Marlow)

What are the objectives of New Dawn?

  • Provide education and skills to all deserving students through formal and informal means.
  • Meet social, spiritual and physical needs of the youth in Huruma and Githogoro areas.
  • Promote socio-economic activities in order to uplift the lives of the local residents.
  • Enlighten the community on issues like health & sanitation.

How does New Dawn operate?

The Head Teacher is in charge by handling the day to day running of the school. He works together with a teaching staff of 10  and 4 support staff.   What’s really unique about New Dawn compared to American schools is that the entire school is built in 4 transportation containers!

61 (Large)

Transportation containers used for school buildings (photo by Natalina Marlow)

What has been achieved?
New Dawn been able to retain most of their students since inception, despite the difficult learning conditions and environment.  The number of applicants has steadily risen.  Criminal activities like theft and drug peddling have drastically reduced since the school was started. There is major transformation among the students, parents, and community at large.

62 (Large)

One of the trip team members in a New Dawn classroom (photo by Natalina Marlow)

63 (Large)

Trip team members with the students (photo by Natalina Marlow)

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