Home of Love (second update from Gulu team)

Mocha Club member Stephen Proctor is blogging from Gulu, Uganda on the Mocha Club trip from September 22nd-October 2nd.  Please help us spread the word and check back for updates!

Today, the Mocha Club team traveled into various parts of Gulu, Uganda, and we were introduced to a few of the partner projects supported by Mocha Club. Both run by Action International, one is a school and the other an orphanage. Our main reason for the site visit was to check out the areas where we’ll be painting murals, but we spent most of our time being loved on by the amazing kids there. Some of these kids have lost their parents during the war, and they are still looking for them. Others are the children of “child mothers” – girls who were taken advantage of and forced into early motherhood.

We couldn’t get over how truly beautiful these children were…their eyes are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Their resilience and joy…wow.

Check out this video of Mark Wagner’s visit to Gulu last year, which shows you the people and places we are visiting:

I befriended one little boy today named Jasper who was probably 4 years old (you can see him in the video above).  I am told that his mother would beat him a lot in the marketplace, so thankfully he is in the care of the Home of Love now. He was very quiet. He never spoke a word. He wasn’t one of the kids who were cheering and laughing and climbing all over us… he sat alone, so I had to go to him. After receiving awkward silence after trying to talk to him, I could tell quickly that love had not been a regular part of his life. He did crack a smile when I put my aviator sunglasses on his face…I think he liked that. So I just sat there rubbing and patting his back and holding his little hand. Next thing I knew, he wouldn’t let go of it! I can’t wait to return on Sunday to hang out with him again.

A few of the guys will wake up at sunrise to get an early start on the first mural project at the school, and then the rest of the team will join them later in the morning. While most of the team is painting, I will be working on a few video projects for Mocha Club.

And sorry for the lack of photos and video…the internet connection is very slow here and we have limited time but I’ll work on posting some in the next day or so.   Please continue to pray for us…that the mural paintings will go smoothly and quickly, and that any video capturing we do here will be well received by the local community and that we would capture the stories that will rock a lot of people’s worlds back home. The Home of Love and school’s funding has drastically gone down because of the economy, so you can be praying for that as well. They’ve nearly shut down multiple times. If you feel the need to give, you can join Mocha Club or give a one-time donation.

‘Til next time…

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  • Reply Vicki Zahn September 25, 2009 at 4:01 pm

    Thank you so much for the update. I am so excited to rush home from work to see if there is anymore news. I am thrilled for the work you all are doing. I know God will bless you, as you are blessing these sweet children. (give Jasper a hug from Texas!)

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