How You Can Help Children Like Sindi…

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road in Kitui (photo by Natalina Marlow)

This past July, Mocha Club friend Kristen Hayner visited Kitui, Kenya with Mocha Club. She was going to see an Orphan Care project she supports. In her guest blog she tells the story of a girl she met at the orphanage.

Her name is Sindi…

Kristen writes:

I want to tell you about a sweet girl I met in Kitui.

Her name is Sindi. She is 12 years old. We gave Sindi a puzzle we had bought in the states. She didn’t know how to use it at first, but once she got the hang of it, she completed it in 10 minutes!

We got to talking, and this sweet, shy, but very smart young woman told us of her dreams of becoming a doctor. It was as if me just being there had such an impact on Sindi that she felt she could share her dreams. Sometimes all we need as humans is a little support, a little encouragement. Through Mocha Club’s programs, we can provide that for Sindi.

Sindi shows so much potential.  She’s performed the best on her school exams not only among the rest of the Kitui orphans, but in her whole school!

Can you image if Sindi didn’t have to worry about where her next meal came from and was able to focus all of her energy on her schoolwork and chasing her dreams of becoming a doctor?

Friday, October 16th is World Food Day, and we are asking you to join with us to provide adequate nutrition for Sindi and others like her.

$17 can support a family in Kitui, Kenya for 3 months. Just $17. Kenya is facing a drought that sees no immediate end, and you can be a partner with Mocha Club’s relief efforts by giving this emergency response donation that changes real lives.

Use Your Resources: DONATE HERE.

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