"Blessings and Challenges" by Skiff

by Daniel “Skiff” Skiffington

It’s hard to believe – today marks week three of The Mocha Club Experience.  Our trip is going well so far.  We are having a great time capturing the stories and faces of the people of Africa.  Char and I spend a lot of downtime quoting movies, laughing and cracking inside jokes. But despite the blessings of taking a whirlwind trip through the continent, there are many challenges.  Here’s a peak at just a few.

One difficulty is being away from home.  Char and I have both traveled extensively and been away during the holidays.  But as Thanksgiving and Christmas approach, we remember leaving is never easy. We miss our family and friends.  We also miss superficial things like Goldfish crackers, cinnamon rolls and hot showers.  Another challenge is sickness.  I became very ill a few days ago.  It knocked me out hard.  I spent a full 24 hours in bed without eating a single thing.  It was difficult to even keep water down.  I’m feeling better now.  But we are realistic in believing this probably won’t be the last time one of us gets sick.

Then there are challenges on a more professional level.  We struggle to get people to open up in front of the camera. This seems to be a universal hardship, but it’s compounded by the fact we often interview people who speak little or no English.  A second challenge is the lack of Internet and sometimes power.  Internet here is spotty (and very slow even when you find it), which makes it hard for us to research and upload videos/blogs.  It’s also difficult when we are in places without power.  Camera and laptop batteries seem to dry up quickly.  So occasionally we have to rush to get things done before we run out of juice.

Only three weeks into our trip and you can see there are great blessings and challenges to travel. But our hope is through The Mocha Club Experience, you will get a realistic view of what it’s like to visit seven African countries in only three months.  Thanks once again for coming along with us.  Take care.

The Mocha Club Experience: Starting November 1, 2009, Seattle Pacific University recent graduates Daniel “Skiff” Skiffington and Charlie “Char” Beck visit all of Mocha Club’s current projects in 7 countries and take Mocha Club supporters and friends on a three-month virtual adventure to experience real life in Africa. Stay tuned for regular updates!

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  • Reply Matthew Spivey November 28, 2009 at 1:57 am

    Skiff! It’s so awesome what you’re doing brother! I really wish I could be back there in Uganda with you! The videos and blogs are all awesome, and I’m looking forward to keeping up with you the rest of the way. (And by the way, I noticed a very sweet shirt in the intro. Way to take ‘Aina international!) Hope you guys are doing great. Say hello to all of Uganda for me!

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