The Harvest Has Come to Kitui!

Our deep thanks to all of you who donated to our World Food Day campaign in October to help provide food to the community of Kitui, Kenya, that we serve through Mocha Club.  We have been sponsoring a group of orphans there for the past few years.  Kitui is a community that was largely affected by drought, with no documentation of rain since May of 2006.

Good News!

The harvest has come to Kitui! They finally got rain this past rainy season and were able to grow new crops.  Because of your help through World Food Day, we were able to help sustain life until these new crops arrived!  Check out these incredible photos and celebrate with us!

From our African Leadership National Director in Kenya, Benson Mutisya: “YES!  God is faithful to his people. This time He has remembered the Kitui people. THANK YOU FOR STANDING WITH US DURING THOSE THREE VERY DIFFICULT YEARS. GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY.”

The Harvest…

December Relief 118 (Small)

The little girl, Abby, is the granddaughter of Benson Mutisya, our African Leadership National Director in Kenya. Abby is four and half years has never seen corn crops before. Here she is saying, “Our God finally supplied our needs!”

006 (Small)

Susan Mutisya, Benson’s wife, shows some of the newly harvested crops

December Relief 121 (Small)

The harvest has come!

December Relief 131 (Small)

This corn plant didn’t seem to care which way the corn was produced as long as it produced some anyway!

The Famine Relief Before the Harvest…

December Relief 059 (Small)

Truck loaded with provisions

December Relief 092 (Small)

African Leadership National Director in Kenya, Benson Mutisya, hands out provisions to the Kitui people

December Relief 187 (Small)

December Relief 105 (Small)

December Relief 124 (Small)

Thank you!

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  • Reply Hattie March 31, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    This makes me so happy! When I was in Kitui last summer there were no crops at all and it was incredibly dry and dusty. I had prayed for so long that God would send rain and He did! This excites me so much to see how much God is at work!

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