Story from Women At Risk

Wanted to share this story and update from Women At Risk, an organization Mocha Club supports in Nazaret, Ethiopia, to help rehabilitate former prostitutes.  We’re so thankful for your help in this restorative work!

Women At RiskA little girl was born in the southeast part of Ethiopia. But her mother died when she was still young. Eventually, her father re-married, but her new stepmother was cruel to her. When she became a teenager, she ran away from home. She was told that she could run to a bigger town and find work. But the only job she could find was to be a live-in house maid. Mostly, house maids have to work from sun-up to sun-down for little pay, a corner to sleep on, and leftover food. This little girl, who became a teenage runaway, eventually found work with a family with grown sons. After a while, she was repeatedly raped by one of the sons, and she had no one to run to, no place to go. She got pregnant, and she was kicked out of the house. What choice did she seem to have? She was encouraged and advised by other young girls like her that she could make more money if she worked in a bar, saved a lot of money and had her own business.

At Women At Risk, we continuously meet girls with similar stories who have been trapped in prostitution for 5…7…9…12 years, not having saved a penny, sick, hopeless, lonely.

This past year, we were privileged to be able to work with 97 women who were struggling to leave prostitution.

Thank you for your support so we can continue to help rehabilitate more women in Ethiopia.

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