World Water Day – and the answer to the riddle!

When thinking about water, we often take for granted just how large a role it plays in our lives. We drink it, cook with it, shower with it, and wash our hands with it. But these are only a few of its common uses. What about doing your dishes? Or laundry? Or brushing your teeth? Or even flushing the toilet? Can you imagine how much water we use in the normal functioning of our daily lives?

Now consider this: the amount of water used in one flush of a toilet is the same amount as an average person in Africa uses all day for washing, cleaning, cooking, and drinking.

In fact, 311 million Africans lack access to clean drinking water. That’s roughly 45% of the population. Some of you might be thinking this is because there is no water in Africa, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Only 4% of the total renewable water available in Africa is used yearly due to a lack of wells, pumps, reservoirs, and other irrigation systems.  Shocking statistic, isn’t it?

World Water Day…

World Water Day grew out of a resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1992 and is designed to highlight relevant issues pertaining to water including current challenges and global situations. The theme for 2010, “Clean Water for a Healthy World”, hopes to improve the global awareness of water quality and lower the total number of people who rely on unsafe sources of drinking-water, which now stands at 1.1 billion.


Today, March 22nd, is World Water Day, and in honor of this day, we want to do more to help provide clean water to Africa…introducing our “Start the Ripple Effect” stainless-steel water bottle!

Buy the water bottle for $20
and help give 15 Africans clean water.


Join Mocha Club and get the water bottle free!

When you buy a water bottle, 15 Africans get clean water. That means fewer women in Africa will have to walk six kilometers to collect water. And because of this, they won’t be carrying the 44 pounds of water that they normally carry on their heads that whole way. Think of what they could do with all the time and energy saved.

That’s not the bottle’s whole impact, though. Now, you can use your “Ripple Effect” water bottle instead of having to buy bottled water. You save money, and fewer plastic bottles end up in landfills, where they can take 1000 years to decompose.  By refilling your water bottle from the tap, you save the energy and resources that otherwise would have been used to manufacture, ship, and dispose of plastic water bottles. With over 50 billion bottles of water being consumed yearly, that’s a lot of energy!


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